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Highway Unified Video Surveillance and Communications Solution

Highway operators typically have three major considerations in highway operations: using information technologies to ensure safe and smooth traffic on highways, improving operational efficiency, and lowering operational costs. The major obstacles implementing solutions to solve these challenges are as follows:

  • Multiple networks are used to separately carry toll collection data, voice services, and video services. This approach not only increases network deployment time, but also complicates network maintenance
  • Analog matrix video surveillance systems do not facilitate video resource sharing
  • Front-end access points along highways are scattered which wastes optical fiber resources

Huawei provides services such as unified carrier network, converged voice, cross-network monitoring, and unified access, which help highway operators attain secure, reliable, and efficient operations.

Huawei develops the Highway Unified Video Surveillance and Communication Solution based on experience with information and communications technologies combined with research to automate transportation operations. This solution consists of four components: unified carrier network, converged voice, cross-network monitoring, and unified access.

Unified carrier network

The communications network implements Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol/Internet Protocol (MSTP/IP) networking and delivers 99.999% reliability. Toll collection, monitoring, and voice services are separately managed using channel isolation technology, ensuring data security and reliability.

Converged voice communication services

IP Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs) are deployed to meet the service needs of toll stations and monitoring centers, providing internal office and phone call services (local and long-distance). Users can call each other over analog phones, IP phones, and PC soft terminals.

Cross-network monitoring

Huawei’s eSight Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) platform provides HD low-bandwidth monitoring service, which is compatible with analog cameras. Video data is stored in a distributed manner but centrally managed, and can be flexibly implemented.

Unified access

The xPON technology is used to provide unified access to various peripheral devices in different situations, such as toll collection devices, video monitoring devices, information panels, and data collection devices. Quality of Service (QoS) assurance is provided, and fast fault location helps reduce O&M costs.

Huawei Highway Unified Video Surveillance and Communication solution provides rapid service deployment, reduces construction costs, and maximizes the utilization of existing information systems.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Multiple services over a unified network

Carries toll collection, video monitoring, and voice; deploys fast and cuts construction costs

Convergent voice communication system

Converged office and command phones to save optical fiber resources and support upgrade to IP phones

Save with open, compatible monitoring systems

Integrates with other platforms, compatible with various devices, maximizes existing facility use

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