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Emergency Command Solution

When emergencies occur, first responders need comprehensive information to make quick, accurate decisions and co-ordinate operations.

The Emergency Command Solution helps improve traditional command center issues, such as:

  • Single police reports with limited real-time information
  • Lack of interconnection between different types of phones and trunking terminals
  • Voice-only trunking without enough broadband capacity for video and high-volume data
  • Isolated Information modules that slow down decisions

Huawei’s Emergency Command Solution features include:

  • Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS)
  • Telepresence (TP)
  • eLTE trunking
  • IP Contact Center (IPCC)
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Computer Assisted Dispatch (CAD)

The solution provides a comprehensive emergency response system offering:

  • Visual command: Promote better collaboration and efficient, accurate decision-making with interactive IVS, TP, and eLTE systems so command centers and first responders can view and distribute incident video. The system can also display information, such as police and emergency resources and traffic status, on a GIS map
  • Convergent dispatch: Emergency communication systems such as TETRA, public incident reporting, and broadband trunking communication systems interact seamlessly. Teams can join voice conferences as participants or video conferences as voice-only participants
  • Multiple-service integration: Integrates multiple service systems, such as GIS, integrated policing, intelligent traffic control, and reports from the scene for a full picture of events as they unfold. The CAD displays the information on a video wall in the command center for better emergency response

A robust communication infrastructure is the key to an efficient command center and the Emergency Command Solution delivers with:

  • Access from several different terminal types
  • Integrated voice, video, and data services
  • Visual command for fast, smart decision-making
  • Better collaboration between teams and incident commanders
  • Protect and serve, contact a Huawei representative for more information

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