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VTM Remote Banking Solution

Virtual Teller Machine (VTM) Remote Bank Solution overview

Customers want more and better services, but industry consolidation forces banks to hold down costs and boost the bottom line. Huawei’s Virtual Teller Machine (VTM) Remote Banking Solution:

  • Enables the deployment of “mini-branches” anywhere they’re needed
  • Provides 24/7 automated counter services that improves the customer experience and increases business volume
  • Offers centralized, specialized counter services that slash costs

Huawei’s VTM solution is the gateway to multi-functional, self-service outlets featuring 24/7 operation, automated teller services, and efficient deployment. Huawei can give you happy customers, more business, and better profits.

Huawei’s VTM Remote Banking Solution is an innovative service channel that is perfect for integrating modern multimedia communication and financial services. It automates more than 90% of traditional, labor-intensive counter services to save customers’ time and you money.

How it works

How the VTM Remote Banking Solution works

Virtual Teller Center (VTC)

The VTM queues users and provides voice and video communication. Its background multimedia collaboration system provides:

  • Call access gateways
  • Call processing servers
  • Media collaboration servers
  • Multimedia collaboration management servers

Virtual Teller Agent (VTA)

The VTA connects the VTC to the VTM to process service requests using multimedia connection and service processing software.

VTM machines

 VTMs integrate counter services such as:

  • Card and account setup
  • Account queries and transfers
  • Check cashing, account withdrawals and deposits, and remittance
  • Loss reporting
  • Wealth management

What it does for you?

Huawei’s VTM Remote Banking Solution is like a “bank in a box”.

Go anywhere

VTMs are like mini branch banks, except cheaper and more flexible. They can go almost anywhere: brick and mortar branches, stores, residential locations, enterprise campuses, airports, and more.

Offer almost unlimited services

Expand business with dozens of highly varied customer products:

  • Issue credit cards
  • Market financial products
  • Provide remote financial counseling
  • Handle chip cards
  • Offer standard check services and mobile/Internet banking

Cutting-edge technology

Huawei VTMs use an open architecture that supports CEN/XFS and other standards and interfaces. You can adapt them to ATMs, CDS, kiosks, and other kinds of terminals with unified management and maintenance.

Face-to-Face customer experience

Do your customers prefer talking to a friendly face? With lightweight development you can use Huawei’s TelePresence technology to create a face-to-face experience.

Huawei’s solution provides:

  • Built-in queuing while others only offer video servers and queuing machines as a separate set
  • Unified, intelligent routing and management
  • Interactive Video Response (IVR) and video agent
  • Reduced system integration risks
  • Improved reliability

24/7 service

Reduce teller workload and shorten customer lines. Huawei’s collaboration technology speeds interactions between customers and tellers with:

  • Remote desktop control
  • File transfer
  • Electronic whiteboards
  • Laser pen remote assistance and more

Centralized operation and processing

Save on location rental, operating costs, and staff. Plus, when tellers are busy Huawei’s intelligent queuing and routing technology offers a queue waiting function and the ability to broadcast marketing messages while customers wait.

Bank on Huawei’s innovative VTM technologies to cut costs, build business, and increase profits. Contact Huawei today.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Secure, self-service transactions

Handles 90% of services, including 24/7 card & account setup, check handling, & wealth management

Half the deployment time with half the people

Shorten deployment time by 50% with 50% fewer employees, all while cutting lobby wait times

Wealth management advice

Offer wealth management advice from a single location, improving resource use and slashing costs

Flexible, cutting-edge techology

Deploy an open architecture and open interface platform supporting CEN/XFS and other standards

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