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Video Conferencing Brings Bankers Face-to-Face

2012/1/31 17:36:00


The Bank of Communications (BoCom) has an extensive service network worldwide, with operating branches located in international financial centers, developed areas, and major economically developed cities in China. BoCom has a number of branches in provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions and a sales network with more than 190 medium and large cities. Apart from Hong Kong, BoCom also has overseas branches in New York and Tokyo and representative offices in London and Sydney. In addition, BoCom has entered into a correspondent bank agreement with more than 1,000 banks in 125 countries and regions around the world.


BoCom had already deployed an IP data network that connected headquarters and 42 branches in China. Therefore, reducing operating costs and improving communication effectiveness based on the existing network was high on the agenda. The solution is a video conferencing system for internal meetings, training sessions, and staff collaboration. By enabling staff to communicate face-to-face with remote colleagues, the system would improve efficiency and operations productivity. By replacing time devoted to travel with video meetings, the system not only achieved significant savings in time, energy, and money, but also led to quicker decision-making and effective management.


The videoconferencing system developed by Huawei adopted a three-level networking mode to connect 27 province-level branches in China and six overseas branches. Using IP networking, the system was deployed as follows:

Global videoconference system

Figure 1: BoCom global videoconferencing system

At headquarters (in China as the main site)

One ViewPoint 8620 Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) as the top-level exchange platform.

At province-level and overseas branches

A total of 28 ViewPoint 8630 MCUs accessed through IP lines as the second-level exchange platform.

At prefecture-level branches

A video terminal to access the second-level MCU in the corresponding province-level branch or a ViewPoint 8630 MCU to form a third-level exchange platform and access the MCU at headquarters.

There are 150 video terminals providing capability for such functions as remote conferences, video communication, and remote training sessions for the headquarters and all branches of BoCom.


While BoCom confronts an increasingly complex operating environment, the video conferencing system deployed by Huawei plays a positive role in the strategic transformation of BoCom’s management and development by facilitating:

  • Internal service development workshops, training sessions, and experience sharing to improve staff knowledge and skills
  • Video conferences such as internal business conferences and seminars to improve communication effectiveness, advance strategic transformation, expand wealth management services, and ensure the coordination and continuity of company strategy
  • Savings in operating costs through reductions in costs associated with travel