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Electric Co. Gets Big OTN Transport Backbone

2012/1/31 16:23:00


Liaoning Electric Power Company Ltd. is a Shenyang-based subsidiary of the State Grid Corporation of China that operates the entire electric power network throughout Liaoning province in China. In 2009, Liaoning Electric Power embarked on restructuring its provincial backbone transport network by using the OTN technology, which expands the capacity of the backbone transport network and makes it more intelligent, reliable, secure, and scalable.

Requirements Analysis

The legacy communication network of Liaoning Electric Power mainly carried basic communication services. However, as information and automated applications grew, an array of services required increasing bandwidth demands that strained the reliability and capacity of the transport network. As such, Liaoning Electric Power was eagerly seeking to restructure its provincial backbone transport network.

Huawei's Solution

In looking at the needs of Liaoning Electric Power, Huawei recommended the OTN-based 40 x 10G DWDM system for both the provincial backbone transport network and the core-layer transport network in the local area network (LAN). These kinds of OTN systems accommodate IP-based service transmission, flexibly groom large-capacity services, and efficiently protect networks.

After thorough preparations and analysis, Liaoning Electric Power decided on Huawei's OTN solution. Fourteen sets of OptiX OSN 6800 equipment were deployed throughout the OTN provincial backbone transport network covering the central and east areas of Liaoning province.

The OTN provincial backbone transport network has the following features:

  • Flexible service grooming and bandwidth sharing

Huawei's OTN solution uses OptiX OSN 6800 with separated tributary and line boards to achieve centralized service grooming and bandwidth sharing. Empowered by this solution, SDH services (such as 155M, 622M, and 2.5G services) and IP services (such as GE services) can share the same wavelength without wasting any bandwidth. These separated tributary and line boards can be easily replaced as required, maximizing customers' return on investment (ROI).

  • Enhanced network security and a variety of protection policies

Huawei's OTN solution provides more comprehensive link-level, channel-level, and subchannel-level protection schemes, such as ODUk SPRing protection and subnetwork connection protection (SNCP), than the legacy WDM. These diverse protection schemes greatly enhance network reliability. Particularly, ODUk SNCP protection achieves multi-homing protection, which enables in-service smooth switching between protection trails on an expected ring network.

Moreover, Huawei's OTN solution supports electrical-layer ASON, by which the network withstands multi-point faults, a feature which further enhances network security.

Benefits to the Customer

With Huawei's OTN solution, Liaoning Electric Power has established a fresh provincial backbone transport network featuring larger capacity, easier scalability, and higher reliability and security. Leveraging this new transport network, Liaoning Electric Power is able to push forward its automated electric power initiatives that are gearing up for the future.