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Data Center Solution Helps SE Asia Bank Grow

2013/12/3 16:53:00


EastWest Bank (EWB) is a fast-growing bank headquartered in the Philippinesʼ capital of Manila. The bank operates more than 200 branches and customer service centers. When EWB began offering online financial services to its customers, additional technical requirements led to considerable demands on the bank’s network operations. As a result, EWB urgently needed to upgrade its networks.  


EWB used to provide IT resources by department, which isolated data and system sites in “silos” that separated the bank’s information, applications, and storage systems. To solve this problem, the IT department integrated applications by developing a suite of reliable and scalable application systems that could adapt to the bank’s rapid buildup of services. 

EWB installed an increasing number of servers to handle the bank’s wide variety of enterprise and consumer-oriented systems and applications. However, the servers began to stress the bank’s data storage capabilities. EWB managers realized that the bank had to manage its IT infrastructure in a more efficient and centralized manner. The bank selected the industry-leading Huawei Data Center Solution for its key service requirements. This meant that the bank could employ optimized, homogeneous solutions across multiple fields, including network infrastructure and data centers. 


Huawei’s project team performed in-depth research and multiple simulations before the final product migration. After several months of preparation, EWB, with Huawei’s help, was able to simultaneously operate its old and new data centers. The new data center is based on several of Huaweiʼs CloudEngine (CE) series data center switches. 

High scalability for long-term growth 

Huaweiʼs CE series data center switches will accommodate EWB’s service growth for the next 10 years. Thatʼs four generations of servers from GE to 10 GE, 40 GE, and 100 GE. Core devices in the bankʼs new data center also will support EWB’s 5-year to 8-year network lifecycle through necessary upgrades and gradual bandwidth expansion.


Reduces CAPEX through virtualization 

Huawei’s advanced CloudFabric architecture provides full-scale virtualization technology that simplified data center network architecture and improved network O&M efficiency. Huawei’s 1:N and N:1 virtualization technologies — such as the Cluster Switch System (CSS) — integrated the bank network into a large-scale, virtualized resource pool that provides flexible, changeable, scalable services on demand. Features include: 
  • Simplified multiple-tenant management
  • Enhanced service reliability and security
  • Efficient use of network resources
  • Lower CAPEX 

Minimizes power consumption

Huawei Data Center Solution uses digital power supply modules featuring the highest power conversion efficiency in the industry. Power consumption is measured in real time, and power modules are set to sleep mode to save energy when system power consumption is low.

CloudEngine series switches use a patented front-to-rear ventilation channel that isolates cold air channels from hot air channels to meet heat dissipation requirements. The CloudEngine series supports up to 23 fan trays, each with 2 counter-rotating fans. The fan trays are divided into several groups, with each group serving line cards in a specific area. The fan speed in each area can be dynamically adjusted based on line card workload. This on-demand cooling design lowers power consumption and reduces noise. 


EWB boasts a large client base and widespread influence in the Philippine market. EWB also is using Huawei’s advanced data center solution to build a brand-new business model for financial data centers. As a result, it is extending the bank’s reach into the Asia Pacific region. 

The Huawei Data Center Solution provides a feature-rich, integrated data center network. It meets all the requirements for data center manageability, stability, security, advancement, and energy conservation for the financial industry.