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Supports On-Demand Deployment of Mainstream VASs

It takes a long time to provision traditional WAN VASs, and it is difficult for enterprise customers to quickly obtain or change required services. Huawei SD-WAN provides open uCPEs based on the x86 or ARM architecture and supports on-demand deployment of mainstream VASs (such as vWOC and vFW), quickly providing WAN VASs for enterprises and building a win-win industry ecosystem.

On-Demand VAS Deployment

There is a long service-provisioning period for traditional leased line networks, and it is difficult for enterprise customers to rapidly obtain or change on-demand services. Further, the traditional leased line network cannot adapt to cloud-based development. Huawei’s open uCPEs enable over 10 mainstream VASs in the industry to deploy automatically, orchestrate, and distribute VASs in the cloud on demand, and allow VASs to be provisioned in minutes, meeting the requirements of fast innovation and the flexible changes of enterprise services.

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