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Intelligent O&M Reduces Costs by 80%

The deployment of traditional leased line services requires professional personnel to carry out on-site configuration that reduces O&M efficiency. With the sharp increase in the number of enterprise branches, application types and flow directions are more complex, services are invisible, fault locating is difficult, and O&M costs are high. Huawei SD-WAN provides flexible zero-touch provisioning modes and makes devices plug-and-play. It also visualizes network-wide statuses and provides extensive statistical views from site, link, and application perspectives, facilitating fault diagnosis and reducing OPEX.

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Huawei SD-WAN Solution supports many zero-touch provisioning modes and CPEs are plug-and-play. The solution supports automatic deployment and service delivery on the cloud, as well as service provisioning in minutes. This reduces technical requirements for site deployment and greatly improves deployment efficiency.

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Quick Service Deployment

A large number of enterprise application changes requires dynamic adjustments of many policies, as manual adjustment is inefficient. Huawei SD-WAN automates service policy configuration, VAS orchestration, and dynamic VPN connections for enterprise interconnection services, simplifying deployment of branch networks.

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With the efficiency of traditional enterprise leased line O&M low, application traffic is invisible, and locating faults is difficult. With the sharp increase in the number of branches, maintenance is becoming more difficult and the cost is too high. Huawei SD-WAN Solution supports visualized management of applications and links. Extensive alarms and logs help quickly locate faults and simplify O&M of a massive number of branches.

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