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New ICT Era Creates a Win-Win Ecosystem

The new ICT era requires more than just new technologies and architectures — it calls for a new ecosystem.

As the digital economy transforms our personal and professional lives, new ICT technologies are fundamentally changing existing business models. Companies engaged in finance can obtain insights into users’ consumption habits from personal data generated by various types of terminals that can be used to form the basis for credit ratings and lending decisions. City administrators can improve public safety by creating protection functionality through the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data analytics that enhance dispatch utilization for police officers and related civil services. Intelligent metering enables electric power enterprises to optimize the efficiency of electricity supplies by quickly identifying problems over the transmission grid. These are examples of demands that must be enabled, and more are emerging in other industries at an accelerated rate. Against this backdrop, cloud computing and ICT technologies are providing scalable applications that rely on our new era of enterprise digitalization.

Generally, enterprise ICT infrastructures consist of business systems that generate mass data in real time and platform systems that are based on cloud computing and Big Data analytics to support business operations and decision making. The combined power of these systems allows enterprises to reach new levels of agility and automation. Huawei believes that the digital transformation of enterprises requires ICT infrastructures that provide centralized cloud computing.

These new infrastructures will reshape existing ecosystems. By 2025, global applications of ICT technologies are projected to result in 100 billion connections, with vertical industries running hundreds of millions of applications. While continuously providing new offerings that meet users’ needs, ICT enterprises must adopt new and open architectures and interfaces that combine cloud computing, networking, and devices; amass countless developers to help them integrate ICT solutions across growing industries; and promote ‘ecologically coordinated’ innovations that harness the power of the upgraded infrastructures.

New ICT technologies, architectures, and ecosystems will breed new rules of engagement. Huawei is committed to providing cloud-pipe-terminal solutions that maximize clouds, networks, and devices. Huawei is also committed to working with developers and partners to create customer-driven ecosystems that take advantage of its open ICT platforms that enable a path of innovation for every industry. This win-win ecological environment will unleash unlimited business opportunities for all.

By Yan Lida

President, Enterprise Business Group, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.