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Huawei Launched CloudCampus Solution to Help Construct Digital Campuses for Enterprises

2017/09/29 12:00:00 AM Author: Source:
[Shanghai, China, September 29, 2017] At HUAWEI CONNECT 2017, Huawei released the CloudCampus Solution for enterprise campus networks. This solution is the industry’s first 10G-capable wireless access network solution that allows for access from both IoT and mobile terminals. With Wi-Fi and IoT hybrid access, it can help build a 10 Gpbs capable wireless network. Virtual fabric and LAN and WAN converged cloud management enable automatic service deployment and Operations and Management (O&M). This solution helps enterprises minimize network management and O&M costs, accelerate new service rollout, and build service-driven digital campus networks.

Huawei CloudCampus solution can virtualize one physical network into multiple tenant networks, improving network resource usage. While inheriting openness of the cloud platform, it is also the first in the industry to achieve converged LAN and WAN management on the cloud, which simplifies O&M of full service paths. Using this solution, enterprises can offer consistent O&M experience and reduce Operating Expenses (OPEX) by more than 80%, without the need to maintain multiple network management platforms, accelerating service rollout.

From retail stores to large campuses with tens of thousands of employees, today’s enterprises are transforming into digital campuses. At the same time, core services carried on campus networks are changing from office applications to production applications. Popularization of IoT technologies leads to a sharp increase in IoT terminals accessing campus networks in both quantity and variety. Complex management and service isolation of multiple networks hinder digitization of campuses. In addition, enterprises need a ubiquitous network to carry more new applications. Rapidly changing services require that campus networks be more intelligent and provide ubiquitous, on-demand, quality-assured connections.

“Enterprises are accelerating digital transformation. Network update is a key step toward transformation,” said Kevin Hu, president of Huawei Switch and Enterprise Gateway product line. “Huawei is committed to constructing multi-purpose cloud-managed networks that are Wi-Fi & IoT converged and LAN & WAN converged. We are also insisting on building an open platform and ecosystem to carry more mature applications from our partners for a variety of industries. Huawei’s next-generation CloudCampus Solution can help enterprises rapidly build digital-ready campus networks.”

Currently, Huawei CloudCampus Solution has cooperated with more than 30 industry-leading business partners to offer more than 20 types of new applications for the retail, education, and healthcare industries, including customer profiling, electronic shelf label management, asset management, smart shopping guides, and student health management. Coupled with the versatile network, the applications help open doors for enterprise digital transformation.