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Real Estate: Expanding Urban Space Service

The Huawei Intelligent Real Estate solution uses advanced technologies to help customers transform mere physical assets into urban spaces that operate autonomously, enabling the provision of optimized services and the development of truly industry-leading operations.


As living standards improve worldwide, people’s demands of communities and services are increasing, with greater need for intelligent operations that can carefully meet the needs of individuals. With the Horizon Digital Platform, Huawei has developed a community solution that focuses on intelligent residences and quality services. This solution aims to inject vitality into communities, transforming them into fully perceptive entities, ultimately enabling everyone to lead a better life.

Industrial Complexes

With multiple types of business concentrated in relatively small physical areas, industrial complexes often need to support a broad range of functions, including industry operations, office space, residential land, and commercial shopping areas. Supported by advanced technologies, this solution helps customers transform mere physical assets into intelligent spaces, provide optimal service experiences, and develop industry-leading operations.

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  • Agile Innovation

    Build a development service platform to achieve agile service development.Introduce innovative common applications, integrate and optimize partners' super applications, and form an innovative ecosystem.

  • Experience first

    Implements precise user profiles through big data, automatically detects and predicts user requirements, and provides personalized services.Fully-connected campus resources make services easily to accessible.

  • Operational Excellence

    Check the real-time status of people, events, and objects at any time, support visualized resource scheduling, accurately analyze the operation situation based on big data, and assist decision-making to transform from extensive operation to refined operation.