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Building an Industry-Leading Network Architecture

The digital world is changing rapidly. Enterprise networks face a host of challenges, such as increasing informatization requirements and the constant development and innovation of services, placing higher requirements on network flexibility, reliability, capacity, and security. How can networks be properly planned and designed to help customers improve their network development capabilities, enhance service awareness, and improve O&M efficiency at later stages? Huawei WAN/Campus Network Planning and Design Service provides enterprises with methodologies, tools, and capabilities to build the desired WLAN, IP, and optical networks, helping enterprises achieve their business/IT strategies and objectives.

• Enterprise network design services for business and management domains (including third-party products) as well as secure and reliable solutions that follow The Open Group Architecture Framework Architecture Development Method (TOGAF ADM) theoretical models and best practices from projects.

• Detailed network structure design, service design, and maintenance design using planning/simulation tools and self-developed algorithms, achieving efficient network operation.

• Global quick-response service experts, successful delivery of numerous significant projects, and accumulation of field-proven planning and design templates, ensuring that customers can enjoy high-quality and standardized planning and design services worldwide.

WAN/Campus Network Planning and Design Service

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