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WAN/Campus Network Implementation Service Helps Build an Advanced Network Architecture

Today’s networks need to provide wireless mobile network access that supports multi-media HD services and rapid innovation. Based on best practices from projects around the world, Huawei helps enterprises implement WAN/campus networks with services for new deployment, migration, and capacity expansion. Services include solution design and verification, along with integrated deployment and migration/implementation. These services help improve network development capabilities, enhance service awareness, and reduce network O&M complexity, especially when using technologies such as high-density WLANs, all-optical Passive Optical LANs (POLs), and WAN transport networks.

IP Network Implementation Service

Upgrading or restructuring legacy networks can help handle rapid service growth, but ensuring network standardization and smooth service migration during this work can be challenging. Huawei’s IP Network Solution Implementation Service uses customized tools, expert support, and comprehensive remote labs with multiple products to ensure smooth and secure transition of IP network services and data. The service minimizes implementation risks by verifying and testing network services.

Huawei’s IP Network Solution Implementation Service offers full-process delivery based on six scenarios with more than 30 deliverables. The service plan clearly outlines the delivery process, technical management details, and delivery risks of the solution implementation. Based on an in-depth analysis of service requirements, Huawei provides a customized. Combined with tools and the experience of delivery experts, this solution ensures unified target network specifications and smooth migration for all services.

Optical Network Implementation Service

Huawei has a wealth of experience in optical network delivery, with the most optical network deployments in the world for many years running. The company’s service consultants meet requirements for optical network migration and capacity expansion through services such as network analysis, design, integrated implementation, service and data migration, and service verification and acceptance. These services help achieve secure and smooth transition from the legacy network to the target network.

Professional tools and a wealth of implementation experience ensure successful migration and capacity expansion to get new networks into use quickly and accelerate service provisioning. The comprehensive delivery platform and expert team enable automatic deployment, one-click commissioning, and simulated solution verification.

WAN/Campus Network Implementation Service

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