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ICT Insights Issue 11 (11/2014)


Zheng Yelai

Understanding and Outpacing IT Changes

I am extremely happy to have this opportunity to discuss the major reasons behind the rapidly changing Information Technology (IT) industry. A better understanding of IT changes helps us adapt to and outpace these changes, and is a guide for our direction ahead.


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The Global Connectivity Index– Benchmarking a Better Connected World

ICT investments will help developed countries remain competitive and empower developing countries on their path to accelerated growth.
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Finding Value in Big Data Analytics

The forecast for cloud computing is big revenue from Big Data processing and analytics.
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IT Choices for the Cloud

The enterprise cloud era has arrived and, given the phenomenal growth for the global IT market, the question is not if to deploy cloud services, but how? The secret is choosing the right type of cloud for your business.
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Promoting an Open Source Cloud

The use of open source software for cloud computing encourages contributions from a wide range of people and helps sustain a robust cloud computing ecosystem for all.
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A Self-Adapting Cloud Architecture

Obtaining penetrating customer insight in real time and delivering the right products and services with agility are core competitive strengths for next-generation enterprise management platforms.
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Big Changes for Enterprise Storage

Driven by cloud computing, Big Data, and social media, the scope of opportunity for new business models in the storage industry is expanding.
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Break News to the World

An explosion of new technology is helping to bring us the news faster and across multiple platforms.
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Interoperability: The Key to Cloud Applications

The Intercloud Project is addressing a number of approaches for adding interoperability to Cloud-Computing protocols. Models for next-generation services require such a global API to deliver the best possible quality.
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Open Clouds Reshape IT Infrastructures

For enterprise IT, the next step is the building of a universal cloud platform, independent of system structures, physical equipment, data centers, cloud types, or applications to deliver open, convergent IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) instances.
hw 376291

Open, Hybrid Cloud for Big Data

Enterprise data centers are evolving to hybrid cloud solutions, and FusionSphere and FusionCube platforms can fully support flexible deployment of private, public, and hybrid clouds based on customer needs.
hw 376293

FusionInsight Unlocks Big Data

Big Data Technologies will reshape business potential for data-intensive industries.


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Make Storage Simple, Make Business Agile

Huawei’s converged storage solutions enable free and efficient data flow which creates sustainable value, simplifies systems, and makes business agile for enterprises, allowing CIOs to embrace all future challenges with confidence.
hw 376297

Huawei Servers Win Enterprise Customers

As Cloud computing, Big Data, and advanced network technologies affect legacy IT systems. Server systems that offer rapid deployment, flexibility, scalability, energy efficiency, reliability, and low TCO are the obvious preferred choice for enterprise data centers.
hw 376299

Deploying Integrated IT Architectures

Integrated IT architectures increase enterprise value and improve user experience.


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Huawei and SAP Technology Partnership

The Huawei/SAP team is a strong global technology partnership that will provide powerful integrated solutions to help global customers achieve business success.
hw 376305

A Second Decade of Cooperation

Huawei and Intel are driven to create great products and have similar insights into industry trends.


hw 376307

Huawei DC² Solution for Phoenix TV

The Huawei DC² solution enables Phoenix TV stations to transition to omnimedia, a new trend in broadcasting to mass audiences.
hw 376309

FusionCube for Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Program

Huawei and Infocast jointly established a high-performance securities trading platform for the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect program.
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MicroDC: Streamlined IT for Dutch Supermarket

All-in-one MicroDC solution reduces IT system deployment from three months to one week for Amazing Oriental supermarket.
hw 376313

E9000 Server Boosts Scientific Research

Deltares requires exceptional computing and storage capabilities for its scientific simulations.
hw 376315

OceanStor Storage Helps China Construction Bank

Designed to help customers build efficient Big Data storage platforms, the OceanStor 9000 is a next-generation solution available today
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OceanStor Dorado: The Ideal Choice

Switzerland’s CSS Insurance needed larger and more flexible storage capacity and Huawei’s OceanStor Dorado2100 G2 fit the bill.