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ICT Insights Issue 1 (02/2012)

Main Topic

Xu Wenwei

Welcome to ICT Insights

With the ever-increasing convergence of IT and CT, the information and communications industry has arrived at an exciting crossroads. New technologies such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things, fixed/mobile broadband, and smart devices seem to be popping up every minute, while the demands that enterprises have on information applications and business models are constantly shifting.

Feature Story

1 Trends

Outlook 2012

The combination of optimizing user experiences and network technologies will undoubtedly drive information services into stronger synergies and promote new applications and technologies.
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The Power of Standards

First-class enterprises set standards, and standards makers are often leaders in their industries. In the ICT industry, Huawei has made remarkable progress through its participation in international standards-development efforts.
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OTT and Enterprise "Cloud-Pipe-Device"

In the past decade, OTT significantly impacted the entire landscape of the Internet and telecom industries. In the next decade, OTT operators and product vendors will be the main players competing in the enterprise market.
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Cloud Computing: Intelligence, Resources and Models

Cloud computing is a disruptive delivery model for IT services. It will help Enterprises to innovate their business model and IT services delivery model for customers, employees, and suppliers and thus improve their competitiveness...

Industry Focus

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New Choice for Enterprises in the ICT Era

The next 10 years will be an important decade as Huawei shifts from CT to ICT. Huawei will transform itself into a global ICT leader and the optimal partner for global enterprises and industries.
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Overview of Huawei Enterprise Business Group

Huawei Enterprise Business Group, one of the three main Business Groups in Huawei, provides products, solutions and services based on the mature Huawei platform. Five business units (BUs) are set up under the Huawei Enterprise Business Group.
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The Future of Enterprise Networks

As Enterprises adopt cloud computing and continue to tax their networks with increasingly diverse workloads and devices, they need to achieve a balance between cost control, operational efficiency, and overall user experience.

Success Story

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Tapping into a Goldmine of Information

The China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) has been implementing the national strategy of converging modern industrialization with an increasingly information-based economy and society. CNPC has committed to an information-based enterprise transformation to meet its objectives of growing into a multinational comprehensive energy corporation. As the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of CNPC explained, informatization has become a part of CNPC's system and culture.
hw 198743

A State-of-the-Art Social Security Network

ZUS was struggling to keep up with providing new social security services and meeting customer demand for new delivery services including video. Their current network could not meet these new demands and they turned to Huawei for help.