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ICT Insights Issue 19 (10/2016)


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A Better View from the Cloud

For Huawei’s people, customer-centricity implies a down-to-earth approach, a willingness to learn from customers and to garner a true understanding of special needs in their industry.


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Industry Cloud Stimulates Business Re-innovation

Rather than a simple combination of industries and the cloud, the ‘industry cloud’ is a convergence of businesses and technologies and a process of service-driven digital restructuring that promises to stimulate business re-innovation.
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Accelerating Cloud Transformation for Carriers

All-Cloud technologies are maximizing the potential of Internet-based networks and transforming business models.
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Partnerships Lead to Secure SDN and NFV

The evolution of Software-Defined Networking and Network Functions Virtualization has triggered significant changes in security architectures.

Future Networks Trending Toward Service Customization

The architecture for Service Customized Networks is expected to provide differentiated service quality by using simple and open systems that are flexible, scalable, and secure.


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Cultivating Leadership in a Post-Digital Era (Part 1 of 2)

Business leaders recognize that the only way to keep pace with change is to modify their organizational culture, break down silos, and encourage a customer-centric approach.



Etisalat — 2020 Landscape (Part 2 of 2)

A summary roadmap for implementing a network transformation for speeding Time-To-Market based on Software-Defined Networking and Network Functions Virtualization.

A Creative Combination of SDN and the IoT

Software-Defined Networking streamlines management and deployment and supports distributed edge computing for the Internet of Things.



Redefining Storage with a Software-Defined Solution

Buying more disks and servers, and adding controllers and virtual machines could no longer keep up with the scale required by some environments. Now, the storage industry is turning its attention to software for a solution.

GE Establishes Multilevel Strategy in China

We’re building an operating system that’s going to power the Industrial Internet. That’s our strategy. We want to be the owners of that space.

Huawei and Accenture Team Up to Support Business Transformation in the Cloud Era

The enterprise cloud solutions launched by Huawei and Accenture help enterprise CFOs and CIOs cope with a series of cloud computing transformation challenges. These solutions will help global businesses in the telecom operator and enterprise ICT markets quickly adapt to the cloud era.



Henan TV Streamlines Programming Over the Cloud

To meet the demands of Henan TV’s expanding television audience, a unified cloud computing and storage technology platform has been built to support one of China’s rich cultural centers.

Core Competency

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Wireless Connectivity Takes Next-Generation Vehicles for a Ride

Vehicular connectivity has become a means for basic safety messaging and traffic management over the past 20 years, but now new sensors are equipping cars for an even better connected and safer driving experience.

Hands-On Technology

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PaaS Cloud for Integrated Full-Stack Monitoring

Specifically, our system uses scalable key-value stores and caching, relational database, and high-performance search systems, as well as batch and streaming analytics frameworks to construct the PaaS service ecosystem.
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Orchestrating a Symphony of Data

VizLore software agents blend virtual sensors with IoT analytics to maximize business value.

Speaker’s Corner

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Business Strategies for the Cloud Economy

ICT technologies enable digital business strategies — or digital disciplines — that focus on differentiated processes, products and services, customer relationships, and innovation.

Last Word

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Leading New ICT: An Open Innovation Era Defined by Developers

By joining forces with a collaborative community of developers, ICT vendors can connect with a vast pool of knowledge, expertise, and ideas to develop innovative solutions that meet the specific needs of customers.