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Safe City Extra (09/2016)


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Leading New ICT, Making Cities Safer

Our goal is to encourage customers to accelerate the digital transformation processes that promote social harmony and economic development.


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Smarter Cities: Right Concept, Right Methodology

When analyzing customer needs, we can draw ‘profiles’ that help us develop high-quality, people-oriented services.
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C-C4ISR and Future Emergency Control Room Capabilities

Increasingly, the C-C4ISR model is being adopted to make cities safe, secure and, subsequently, smart.
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New Insights into ‘Smart City’ Constructions for ICT Enterprises

The Boston Consulting Group believes that a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of the concept of Smart Cities is a prerequisite for seizing the opportunity.
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Location is Everything

Huawei’s Smart City technologies are helping emergency services put the ‘right response’ in the ‘right place’ at the ‘right time.’
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Safe Cities Need Interoperability

Today’s Safe Cities are integrating security systems for a more comprehensive approach.
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A New Paradigm for Security Operations

A new Safer City initiative combines security operations and systems for more effective policing in complex environments.

Special Report

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The Road to Collaborative Public Safety

Public Safety goes beyond Safe City solutions by focusing on preventing and solving crimes, and reducing loss of life and property. Safe City concepts need to evolve into policies with Collaboration for Public Safety as the centerpiece.
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Building an Open Platform for Safe Cities

The Huawei Safe City solution constructs an open ecosystem with customers and industry partners.


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An Evolution in Public Safety Networks

Next-generation broadband LTE networks must be green-lighted to keep pace with the demand for having critical Safe City trunking systems available for day-to-day policing.
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Integrating Video and Intelligence for Safe Cities

The large-scale implementation of ubiquitous Safe City services offers a future where omniscient, intelligent data mining is used to defend against security threats.
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Building Smarter Safe Cities with the IoT

Cities of the future will require multi-dimensional security systems that coordinate event handling with surveillance and early warning alarms.
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Cloud Data Centers Improve Police Performance

The Huawei DC2 solution enhances the data processing capabilities of police IT systems by using a distributed cloud data center architecture.
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Video Cloud for Integration

Video surveillance systems must overcome low efficiency, unreliability, and poor compatibility.


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Safe Cities: a Revolution Driven by New ICT

Public security agencies are counting on new technologies to help solve security issues in cities large and small.



AI Turns Science Fiction into Reality

Artificial intelligence has grown dramatically in the fields of speech recognition, computer vision, and language comprehension, even surpassing human beings in speech and facial recognition.

Protecting Enchanted Kenya

First presented in ICT Insights Issue 17, this ‘Safe City’ follow-up takes a deeper look into the working partnership between Huawei and Safaricom.

Analyst Corner


Big Data for Public Security

Governments with limited resources who use traditional modes of public security management put a heavy workload on security personnel and add risk to their citizens.