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ICT Insights Issue 17 (03/2016)


17 forward

New ICT Era Creates a Win-Win Ecosystem

New ICT technologies, architectures, and ecosystems will breed new rules of engagement. Huawei is committed to providing cloud-pipe-terminal solutions that maximize clouds, networks, and devices. Huawei is also committed to working with developers and partners to create customer-driven ecosystems that take advantage of its open ICT platforms that enable a path of innovation for every industry. This win-win ecological environment will unleash unlimited business opportunities for all.



Technology News

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Industries Go to the Cloud

Innovative ICT is impacting businesses, productivity, and lifestyles.



‘New ICT’ Drives Innovation

Customer-centric, business-driven and developer-defined ecosystems enable innovative modes of collaboration.

Vertical Solutions Roundup

To keep pace in a fast-paced global market, Huawei will be there to provide ICT solutions that solve the unique problems faced in specialized vertical industries.

Protecting Enchanted Kenya

The Kenyan government is taking action to protect its natural resources.

Developing the Energy Internet

Progress is making a huge impact in the energy sector in the areas of intelligent terminals, intelligent service systems, and open platforms.

Building a Learner-Centered Model

eLearning platforms continue to transform higher education.

Russia Commissions New Credit Card Payment System

Using a pair of new Huawei data centers, Russia’s payment system processes credit card and ATM transactions across the nation.

Digitalization — Banks Transform to Outperform

Establishing digital banks requires the digitalization of customers, currencies, products, marketing, and services.

Time to Build an All-IP TV Station

The broadcasting industry is adapting IP network technologies to develop all-IP television stations.
Focus 1

IoT Drives Digital Transformation

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents a tectonic change that will transform industries across all markets.

Large Enterprises Encouraged to Adopt ‘As-a-Service’ Operations

For many large enterprises, ‘being lean and responding quickly to market changes’ remains the elephant in the room.

Internet Transforms Chinese Education Industry

Content, platform, and technology providers are uncovering new opportunities in the Internet education industry.

The Future of Telemedicine

Huawei has recently partnered with the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University to develop a telemedicine system and joint innovation center.


Focus 2

Storage is Changing, but are You?

If you are looking for an infrastructure to better serve your company’s vision and stimulate growth, then let’s take a walk down ‘memory’ lane and see where it leads.
Focus 3

SSD is Knocking

Is it time to get out in front of the crowd and move to SSD?
Focus 4

Automating OTA Software Updates for IoT

Mender Over-The-Air (OTA) services are built to support a growing ecosystem of embedded Linux devices.


Ecosystem 1

Easier Development for ICT Partners

Huawei’s eSDK platform enables third-party developers to create innovative solutions that help customers accelerate their business transformation.
Ecosystem 2

AMI — The Power of Dynamic Systems

Electricity utility managers are exploring the potential of AMI systems for benefits beyond their energy sensing and control capabilities.


Success 1

Big Data Refines Predictive Policing

Big Data technologies are driving policing management tactics towards data-enabled public safety.
Success 2

High-Performance Cloud Computing for the Broadcasting Industry

Broadcasters, industry manufacturers, post-production companies, and content distribution aggregators are on the watch for next-generation technology that may change the way they work when using shared computing power and virtualization.

Threat Protection through Cloud Video Storage

Huawei’s cloud-based video surveillance storage solution offers Safe Cities an alternative.

Last Word

Last Word

5G for IoT and Mobile

A research and technology roadmap, including real-world examples, illustrates the range and complexities of an evolving 5G/IoT ecosystem.