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Why Partner With Huawei?

Huawei’s broad product portfolio, focus on innovation, commitment to quality, and aggressive pricing represents the best opportunity to accelerate your business available in the market today. Huawei understands the importance of the channel and is investing the necessary financial and human resources to ensure your success. Huawei is committed to delivering a channel program that is easy to understand, promotes sales-enablement, and ensures partners are rewarded for their achievements. Although Huawei is a global powerhouse, the brand is less established in the U.S. market. This provides you the opportunity to sell great new products at a better value with less channel competition.


Partners have access to the technology advances and innovation that come from the most robust R&D engine in the industry — more than 80,000 of the 180,000 Huawei employees are engaged in R&D today.

Huawei’s goal is to reach $15 billion USD in enterprise sales within the next five years. As a result, partners benefit from the focus and priority that Huawei is placing on this area of the business. Huawei is committed to enabling partners to accelerate their adoption of the Huawei product line by offering a simple partner application process and comprehensive go-to-market support. This includes flexible educational programs, technical sales, and marketing and delivery services support. Huawei ensures that partners are kept informed about new channel opportunities and product information through partner newsletters and the channel program website. 

Huawei offers various channel incentive programs that are designed to reward their contributions:

  • Sales Rebates
  • Deal Registration with incremental commercial discounts
  • Incentives for sales representatives
  • Market Development Funds (MDFs) to support co-branded marketing campaigns and demand generation activities

Huawei’s Commitment to Our Channel Partners

  • Huawei will ensure that you make money
  • Huawei will not compete with you
  • Huawei will support you in pre-sales and post-sales
  • Huawei will help grow your business and be successful
  • Huawei will help you make money selling services

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