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Quick Start — Huawei Support

Huawei Enterprise USA Warranty and Hi-Care Support

Need Support?    Call 1-877-9HUAWEI

New to Huawei?  Open Support Accounts & Register Products

First Steps for New Users:

  • Register to create an “Admin” account with Huawei Support websites (link)
  • All users should create individual accounts, Enhance account, and Associate Partner (link)
  • Register your products for online access to firmware updates, documentation, and information (link)

About Huawei Support:

Key Features Huawei Product Warranty Huawei Hi-Care Support
Support Options All products have warranty
(warranty varies by product)
Purchased as warranty upgrade
(some storage products included with warranty)
Service Hours 9 x 5 (most products) 9 x 5, 24 x 7, Remote or On-site support
TAC Support Troubleshooting for RMA Diagnostics and technical support

Software Updates

Bug-fixes and patches

Bug-fixes, patch, and software updates

Parts Replacement NBD-ship (most products)
(NBD = Next Business Day)
Parts delivery: NBD or 4 Hr
(some storage products have 4 Hr warranty)

Web Resources:

Website Description URL
USA Product Website Product & support info
Huawei Global Support

    Huawei Support-E Online

  • Software downloads
  • Product documentation
  • Technical and security alerts
  • Huawei E-Learning Training
  • Online Tools and Resources
Online Tools and Resources
  • Network migration tool
  • eNSP network simulator
  • HedEx doc viewer, and more
USA Support Portal Review support tickets (account setup)
Contact Support Team USA Enterprise Support

If You Need Support:

  • Best method: 1-877-9HUAWEI (Technical Assistance Center “TAC” in Harrisburg, PA)
  • Non-urgent support by email: or Web:
  • Note: It may take time to set up support for new accounts, but call TAC at any time

For More Information:


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