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Light up Every Corner: Huawei OpenLab Paves road for Global Power Grid Standard of PLC-IoT

1/3/2018 12:00:00 AM Author: Source:

Standard culture runs a long history and "standardization of machinery and unification of written languages" derives from ancient times. It is the result of the progress of human civilization and provides important technology guarantee for social development. Nowadays, world standardization level has become not only part of core competence for enterprises, but also the passport to global market.

Huawei Innovative Technology Fuels Energy Industry Transformation

With the development of smart grid in recent years, AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) is constantly promoted in worldwide, and AMI has become an important measure to reduce line loss and improve income for global power companies.

In the system of AMI, the Neighborhood Area Network (NAN) used between meter and concentrator can adopt multiple communication technologies, such as Radio Frequency (RF), Zigbee and Power Line Communication (PLC). Among them, PLC has natural advantages, because it has large coverage with low cost of the construction and maintenance. Besides, PLC can be achieved where the power grid is. However, it also has problems of complicated power grid environment, serious noise disturbance and real time variation, which results in application on a small scale before 21st century. With the breakthrough of PLC technology, it starts applying in fields of smart grid, industrial control, IoT and home network.

Based on joint innovation in OpenLab, Huawei conducts independent R&D for high bandwidth power line communication in AMI meter reading scenario——PLC-IoT solution. It utilizes optimized orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) and new reassembly network technology, which greatly meet demand for meter-reading frequency and network response speed.

Huawei PLC-IoT Solution Advantages

From the common sense, this advantageous technology will be well-received by the global power companies once it came out and attract competitors to deploy. However, during the expansion of power IoT in overseas market, PLC-IoT technology encounter problems of low openness of nonstandard and accompanying and immature ecosystem, etc.

OpenLab Promotes PLC-IoT Global Standardization

To promote PLC-IoT global standardization, Huawei hires experts as senior consultants and establishes cross-sectoral PLC-IoT industry development team to promote project approval in IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). OpenLab, as carrier of 'Platform + Ecosystem' strategy, it makes great contributions to PLC-IoT solution cultivation and verification. Moreover, it jointly cooperates with meter and power companies as well as ISVs in power industry to construct the ecosystem, in order to drive standard landing.

PLC-IoT Technology Standardization Process:

Build Interoperability Lab, Construct Industry Ecosystem

After becoming IEEE PLC-IoT IC official partner, Huawei OpenLab was appointed to be the certification laboratory. Together with IEEE PLC-IoT, OpenLab boosts PLC-IoT industry ecosystem development as well as P1901.1 expansion and application on global scale.

Huawei OpenLab is a professional and open laboratory of integrated access, certification and interoperability. Supported by its rich hardware and software infrastructure as well as professional talent resources, OpenLab constructs testbeds for development application scenario, to strongly support entry certification and certification laboratory construction for PLC-IoT. Based on testbed, OpenLab establishes PLC-IoT ecosystem alliance with more than 10 vendors and players to construct a win-win ecosystem. The partners include: SAP, Oracle, Clou, Longshine, Chinasoft International, Wasion, Holley, ect. Meanwhile, Huawei OpenLab supports successful landing of PLC-IoT technology in Nigeria, India and Kenya projects.

OpenLab Power IoT Lab Achievements:

In the future, Huawei OpenLab continues to build open and flexible platform, encouraging more industrial partners and customers to join in PLC-IoT system to develop innovative differentiation and leading power solutions. Huawei OpenLab is firmly believed to build the bridge between technology standard and industry application, and enjoy effective and safe operation and sustainable development of smart grid. OpenLab aims to bring light and hope to other parts of the world while fueling industry digital transformation.