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Huawei Video Cloud Solution Showcased at CPSE 2017, Unleashing Multi-dimensional Data Value in an Open Ecosystem

10/31/2017 12:00:00 AM Author: Source:

[Shenzhen, China, October 31, 2017] The 16th China Public Security Expo (CPSE) kicked off on Oct. 29 and will run through Nov. 1 at the Shenzhen Exhibition Center. The expo has drawn public security enterprises and solution vendors from 150 countries and regions. Huawei is in attendance, showcasing the latest practices related to the Huawei Video Cloud solution, promoting application innovation and development with the theme "Making Safety Predicable." The Huawei Video Cloud solution has won a golden award in the expo.

Huawei Video Cloud Solution on the Expo

Huawei used simulations to exhibit its new-era information retrieval application solution. This solution is based on facial images, vehicle images, and Wi-Fi data collected on the Video Cloud platform. By integrating industry-leading facial and vehicle recognition algorithms, the solution demonstrated fast associated search using actual video image data of thousands of employees and vehicles at the Huawei Chengdu Research Center, showing the search result in trace images. The demonstration impressed scores of industry experts, by showing the unique openness, sharing, efficiency, and intelligence of Huawei Video Cloud.

Huawei's Video Cloud solution is based on the concept of "sensor > transmission > management > application". It is structured around one cloud (the video cloud), one pool (the video data resource pool), and one platform (the video service platform). The design features a multi-level (center-to-edge) video cloud platform centering on video Big Data, to carry the best applications and algorithms of partners. At the center, the multi-dimensional data retrieval application derives its strength from Huawei's advanced cloud platform, distributed cloud storage, and Big Data technologies.

l  FusionSphere cloud platform adopts an OpenStack-based architecture, providing unified standards for computing, storage, and network service interfaces. This ensures compatibility with mainstream video management software, video analysis algorithms, and service application software, while decoupling software from hardware.The platform allows for self-service application and distribution of resources, enabling the sharing and flexible allocation of resources among multiple departments.

l  OceanStor distributed cloud storage provides hybrid storage and sharing for different types of video and image data,

l  FusionInsight Big Data Platform decouples data and applications, coordinates different video services, and realizes multi-dimensional data analysis. The required time for comparison of 100 million vehicle checkpoint images and 100 thousand target vehicles is reduced from 30 minutes to 1 minute. You can associate human and vehicle data in seconds. The solution realizes PB-level data storage analysis, enables query of hundreds of billions of records in seconds, and can compare and analyze tens of billions of records within 10 seconds.

 The intelligent analysis function of the video cloud coordinates the computing at the center and on the edge. It also supports local storage of videos and real-time analysis result feedback, which reduces network bandwidth pressure and increases analysis efficiency. FusionServer G series heterogeneous computing servers can be used for intelligent analysis on the platform edge. They feature some advance technologies such as GPU resource pooling and intelligent orchestration, which makes them perfect for video analysis and image recognition, accelerating the process by over 10 times and improving the hardware utilization rate by over 50%.

 At present, the Huawei Video Cloud solution has already been deployed by many public security customers in the Chinese regions of Jiangsu, Beijing, Gansu and Qinghai. With a deep understanding of the public security industry, Huawei will continue to help construct public security video networks and safe cities using its advantageous product and solution designs, industry-leading ICT technologies and video cloud solutions, and boost the development of partners' services through open sharing platforms.