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Lossless Experiences for Key Applications

IaaS/SaaS cloud services increase year by year, and a growing number of enterprises are choosing public cloud services. Different applications have different network requirements and there are conflicts over shared bandwidth. Especially during peak hours, key services such as Salesforce, Office365, and TelePresence encounter freezing, which makes it difficult to guarantee the full experience of critical applications. Based on its capability to accurately identify well-known and customized applications, Huawei SD-WAN uses application-based intelligent traffic steering and acceleration to provide differentiated network services and traffic policies for different applications, ensuring a lossless experience for key applications.

Application-Based Intelligent Traffic Steering

Traditional leased line networks are unaware of services and cannot detect the status of applications. When burst traffic causes link congestion and quality deterioration, key service experiences cannot be guaranteed. The solution can identify over 6,000 well-known and user-defined applications. It adapts to private and mainstream applications in the industry, supports bonding for up to six links, including best-effort links, and uses application-based intelligent traffic steering and acceleration technologies to ensure a lossless experience for applications.

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