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Channel Engineer Training and Certification Records

Huawei provides an interface that enables channel users to query their training and certification records. Channel administrators can query staff training and certification records, and channel engineers can query their own records.

Channel staffs, who have attended training and certification, should associate their training and certification records to the email and associate to the official Huawei website account (a total of two associate). Then the records can be queried as detailed below:

Two “Associates” with Training and Certification Records

1. Associating Training and Certification with Email Addresses (1st “Associate”)

When applying for training courses, trainees must provide their email addresses(here and later briefly called “Email_Training”), which will be associated with their training information.

Huawei’s career /specialist certification exam is carried out by Prometric, a third-party test center. Whoever wants to take the exam must register on Prometric’s official website (Link) and fill out an email address (here and later briefly called “Email_Certification). This email address shall be associated with their certification information.

2. Associating A Personal Account with Email_Certification and Email_Training (2nd “Associate”)

Log in to Huawei’s Web portal (Link). Click “My space” (Link) and “Enter” in the “Technical Support” column. You can view your basic information here: (Link). Click the button “Associate Training/Test/Certificate” under the “Associate Training/Test/Certificate” column to go to the page that links email accounts. Enter Email_Certification or Email_Training and Captcha, and click “Submit.” The Email_Certification or Email_Training will receive a confirmation email. Click “Confirm, and you will return to the Huawei Enterprise Web portal and see the system prompt — “Associated. You then can view the associated email address or addresses under“My space  Associate Training/Test/Certificate.

After associating Email_Certification or Email_Training with your account, you can query your certification and training records. If a user has more than one email, the user can be associated with only one personal account. Use the same email for certification and training registration.

 1. If Email_Certification or Email_Training has more than one address, please repeat the “associate” operation until all the email addresses can be viewed under the“My space →Associate Training/Test/Certificate.

 2. If Email_Certification or Email_Training is the same as the email used for registering a personal account, you also need to complete the “associate” operation.

Querying Training and Certification Records

1. How Channel Engineers Can Query Their Training and Certification Records

After completing the two “associates,” log in to the web portal and click “My space” (Link) and “Enter” in the “Technical Support” column. You will see your basic information (Link). Click “Training and Certification” on the Navigation Bar (Link). Click “My Training” and “My Certificates” to query your training or certification records.

※ Certification or training record information will be synchronized to the Web portal two to four weeks after an examination is passed or a training course is completed.

2.    How Channel Administrators Can Query Employees’ Training and Certification Records

Huawei estimated “Cer.&Capa.” module in echannel platform, channel administrators can login and visit this module to query training and certification records for all associated employees.

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