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Huawei showcases its latest ICT solutions for the manufacturing sector at Hannover Messe 2019

[Hannover, Germany, April 1, 2019] At the world’s largest industrial fair, Hannover Messe 2019, which kicks off today, Huawei is showcasing its full suite of capabilities to drive digital transformation and unlock new opportunities for industrial enterprises. Under the theme of "New ICT, Connecting Bits & Gears", Huawei and its partners show how a fully connected, intelligent industry will redefine the business landscape and demonstrate products and solutions for Smart Supply Chain, Wireless Factory, Energy Management, Predictive Maintenance, Plant Monitoring, EC-IoT, Cloud/IoT/Big Data and Wireless. Huawei is also announcing new collaborations with leading industry partners including Fraunhofer FOKUS, Roambee, Gefasoft and ABAT+.

Commenting on the digitalization of the manufacturing industry, Ernest Zhang, President of Huawei Western Europe Enterprise BG, said: "Digital transformation of the manufacturing industry requires the convergence of new ICT with advanced manufacturing technologies, and more importantly, the use of these technologies throughout the design, production, management, and service phases. The prerequisite here is to understand industry players' needs today and tomorrow. Huawei teams up with partners to develop more efficient, smart, and innovative solutions for industrial digital transformation.”

Huawei's AI and 5G solutions to connect bits and gears

At Hannover Messe 2019, Huawei's Atlas Intelligent Computing Platform, an important part of Huawei's full-stack AI solution, driving an AI future with the highest computing power debuts in Western Europe for the first time. Huawei Atlas Intelligent Computing Platform provides a rich array of product form factors, such as modules, cards, edge stations, and appliances, enabling all-scenario AI infrastructure solutions for device-edge-cloud. Powered by Huawei Ascend-310-Chips and mainstream heterogeneous computing components, the Atlas Intelligent Computing Platform reduces the entry technical requirements of AI application and enables quick development and rollout of AI services for our customers.

Huawei also brings its LampSite solution to Hannover Messe, demonstrating how it will enable the industry to connect 5G and Smart Manufacturing. 5G will give indoor networks a prominent position, build on Huawei's own DIS (Digitalisation Indoor System) architecture, the 5G LampSite Family solutions are able to help building 5G indoor networks that boast ultra-fast user experience, easy management, and quick deployment for a variety of specific use cases. 5G LampSite Family solutions are quickly gaining wide support across the industry as the ideal choice to build 5G indoor networks.

Huawei's flagship manufacturing solutions to accelerate digital transformation

Huawei provides a variety of technologies to help manufacturers modernise at any stage of the manufacturing lifecycle. Huawei has a range of intelligent solutions such as the mobile Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and big data to help companies develop more-agile manufacturing and is showcasing best practices in Smart Supply Chain, Wireless Factory, Energy Management, Predictive Maintenance, Plant Monitoring, EC-IoT, Cloud/IoT/Big Data and Wireless.

Predictive Maintenance: Through data collection, status monitoring, and statistical algorithms, predictive maintenance schedules the right service calls at the right times. Internet of Things (IoT) technology has made it practical to monitor a variety of components in systems ranging from manufacturing machinery to vehicle engines, while predictive algorithms have been tuned to prevent machine failures and reduce overall maintenance costs. To support predictive maintenance efforts, Huawei offers a solution that includes a cloud-based IoT platform and proper edge capability and cost-effective networking options. Deployed mainly on a private cloud with unique agents, cloud-based IoT platforms are supporting flexible terminal access. The IoT platform interconnects with predictive maintenance application layers through open APIs. Flexible Networking Solutions enable the upload of real-time data over operator networks to minimize latency, while non-real-time data can be locally uploaded to mobile phones through Wi-Fi networks; which is especially useful when operator network coverage is poor. For vehicle maintenance, Huawei’s innovative edge gateways can collect data using multiple types of interfaces for collecting various sensor data. The terminals support wireless LTE data backhaul and report vehicle location using GPS. A rugged industrial design allows the terminals to withstand high-vibration working environments.

Wireless Smart Factory Solution: Huawei also presents the Huawei Wireless Factory solution that provides a complete, unified network based on its eLTE broadband product line. Integrated with flexible, distributed Wi-Fi networking tailored to the specific requirements, the end-to-end infrastructure will support the latest intelligent systems and is easily expanded as needs change. The eLTE industrial wireless solution is a wide-ranging Internet of Things solution for factories. eLTE can provide not only broadband access for video, data, and the mobile office, but also high-performance industrial-grade reliable narrowband IoT for massive numbers of devices. Remote control, predictive maintenance, and other innovative big data-based applications improve factory efficiency.

Big Data: Huawei’s Big Data solution is an enterprise-class offering that converges Big Data utility, storage, and data analysis capabilities. This platform allows enterprises to capture new business opportunities and locate risks by quickly analyzing and mining massive sets of data.

EC-IoT-Solution: Huawei demonstrates its Industry Edge Computing – Internet of Things (EC-IoT) solution. Based on EC and Power Line Communication (PLC) technologies, the solution quickly adapts to the intelligent data processing requirements, facilitating service innovation and efficient operation. The solution provides solid predictive maintenance and is widely used in the manufacturing sector and helps manufacturers implement and better manage Internet connections of massive numbers of industrial robots and machine tools, thus reducing O&M costs and accelerating digital transformation.

SmartFactory: Huawei is an official member of the SmartFactoryKL initiative that consists of 50 members from the OT and IT industries. At Hannover Messe 2019, the SmartFactoryKL presents its new infrastructure concept. The Applied Network Technology Research Lab of Huawei Technologies will be providing the latest infrastructure (TSN) to the digital demo plant which will be demonstrated at SmartFactoryKL booth. The use of TSN in the data exchange between infrastructure and server ensures transmission quality. During Hannover Messe, Dr Walter Weigel, Vice-President of the Huawei European Research Institute (ERI) will be joining a high-level workshop with the president of the SmartFactoryKL initiative Prof. Dr. Detlef Zühlke on future SmartFactory developments.

Announcing cooperations with industry-leading partners

"We are striving to build an industrial Internet ecosystem and rely strongly on cooperation industry organizations and vendors in the industry. We're honored to announce new collaborations at Hannover Messe 2019 that will help our partners to excel in the field of smart manufacturing," said Ernest Zhang, President of Huawei Western Europe Enterprise BG.

Huawei and Fraunhofer FOKUS present the EC OPC UA over TSN Testbed for Smart Factory
Smart Manufacturing requires extensive industrial real-time communications networks as well as a consistently connected production and flexible production systems. At Hannover Messe 2019, Huawei presents the EC OPC UA over TSN Testbed for Smart Factory together with its well-known industry partner Fraunhofer. OPC UA and TSN are both critical technologies for the OT and ICT convergence, which improve the efficiency of information exchange in industrial shop floor. As key driving factors for new technologies such as predictive maintenance, data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI), EC OPC UA over TSN helps industrial companies enhance efficiency by reducing downtime, improving overall device efficiency, and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO). In Europe particularly, industry platforms (I4.0/OPC F) are pushing for the adaption of OPC UA over TSN.

Partnering with Roambee, Gefasoft and ABAT+ for bespoke smart manufacturing solutions
At Hannover Messe 2019, Huawei and the three companies announce plans to jointly perform evaluation, configuration and demonstration for smart manufacturing solutions to develop joint solutions and determine potential business cooperations for their respective products. Together with Gefasoft and ABAT+, Huawei will create a manufacturing execution system for equipment on the shopfloor at manufacturing sites. Proof of Concepts will be started and executed at real end customers. Together with Roambee Huawei plans to develop a smart supply chain solution for the manufacturing industry, like real time monitoring solution for parts in containers.

Huawei works with global partners to develop more efficient and smarter innovative digital industrial solutions for customers, making it possible to build new operational processes and infrastructural platforms for Industry 4.0. The solutions have helped more than 1,000 manufacturing companies worldwide enhance their production efficiency.

Hannover Messe 2019 will be held from 1-5 April in the Hannover Exhibition Center, Germany. Huawei's booth is located at D18 of Hall 6. Get more information about Huawei’s products and solutions to be highlighted at Hannover Messe 2019.

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