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WEU Huawei ICT Competition Awards Ceremony Celebrates Young ICT Talent in the UK

[EPSOM, LONDON: 26th April] Huawei, a leading global Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions provider, last night hosted an awards ceremony to celebrate the winners of its Huawei Western Europe ICT Competition 2019. The ceremony took place at NESCOT (North East Surrey College of Technology) College in Epsom, Surrey.

Finalists were selected from five universities/colleges in Western Europe including Birmingham City University, University of Reading and NESCOT College in the UK, The University of Alicante in Spain and Marche Polytechnic University in Italy. The competition is conducted across two fields - network and cloud, and aims to drive the growth and development of talent within the ICT sector.

Winners will now go onto participate in the Global finals in Shenzhen, China on 25th May 2019.

Three teams proceeding to the final competition in China

Three teams proceeding to the final competition in China

Huawei Academy Manager Pallavi Malhotra said: “Huawei is committed to nurturing and developing young talent within the ICT sector in the UK. As the world around us becomes increasingly connected and intelligent it has never been more important to ensure that businesses of all sizes have the opportunity to evolve and seek innovation through digital transformation.”

“The Huawei ICT competition not only encourages young talent, but also builds a global standard for ICT development and innovation. We are proud to continue to invest into such a crucial industry.”

First Prize Winners

First Prize Winners: Luke Saunders of Birmingham City University for Network, and Qi Li of University of Reading for Cloud

The Huawei ICT competition allows talented ICT students the opportunity to test their practical and academic capabilities and is part of Huawei’s ICT Academy Programme. First launched in 2015, intake has grown exponentially - in 2018/19 more than 100,000 students from 2000 colleges and universities across the world took part, cementing the program as one of the largest in the ICT sector. Those competitors who have made it to the finals have already succeeded in the preliminary rounds, which involved two integrated online exams.

Last year’s winners went onto win a scholarship to a university in China, one has since gone on to work for Huawei.

For further information visit: huaweiacad.com.

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