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Huawei Next Generation Data Center Facility-FusionDC, the Future of Data Center Construction, launched at MTDC

New Product | Huawei Next Generation Data Center Facility-FusionDC, the Future of Data Center Construction

[Monaco, June 3, 2019] At the Huawei MTDC Summit West Europe 2019, Huawei released the next generation data center facility, FusionDC for colocation and hyper-scale data center customers around the world. FusionDC, with modular and intelligent features, will help customers build future-proof data center facilities and cope with the challenges brought by the fast evolution of Cloud, AI, IoT and 5G. FusionDC will maximize the TVO (Total Value of Ownership) of data center in lifecycle and reduce the ROI by 2 years compared to the traditional solution.

All Modular Design, Fast TTM Solution for DC Deployment

Huawei FusionDC is designed in a prefabricated modular way: It combines prefabricated architecture and smart modular DC technologies. The modules of data center facilities are prefabricated in the factory. All modules will be pretested before delivery. In addition, it supports stacking of multiple floors. The solution turns the data center facility into a product, prefabricated modular DC. It minimizes the onsite engineering work and makes TTM much quicker than that of traditional solutions. Also, FusionDC takes all modular design for components, equipment architecture, room and even POD, which enables high scalability and on-demand deployment.

FusionDC bring benefits to more than the deployment. With the help of AI-based iPower, iCooling and iManager technologies, the solution will greatly improve the O&M efficiency and reduce the power costs. Through faster TTM, higher scalability and smart O&M, Huawei prefabricated modular DC will help customers shorten ROI by 2 years. The solution will reshape the market of data center facilities.

Traditional cooling systems are always separated and hard to be deployed on demand. Huawei makes modular cooling-indirect evaporative cooling-FusionCol, which is complete integration, less engineering, and also could make low PUE(PUE≤1.25@Monacco).

As for the power system, FusionPower and SmartLi are born for large data centers. Huawei re-constructs the data center power stack with 1.6MW UPS frame, higher convergence to save footprint and installation time. Li-ion batteries which coupled with further allow higher reliability and more usable white space in the data center, improving SUE (Space Usage Effectiveness), TTM and integration costs.

AI Enables Data Center Facility O&M

With Huawei Cloud+AI platform, Huawei makes O&M smarter based on AI.

iPower – Allows non-smart devices to talk, think, and use predictive maintenance. Not only does it have sub-system E2E monitoring, but also health check-up and alarm filtering.

iCooling - Huawei's AI enabled DCIM has demonstrated additional gains in Cooling efficiency through intelligent optimization of the Cooling Package. Gains in operational efficiency through services automation opens a new door leading to improved TCO of the Smart Data Center.

iManager - It is automatic O&M based on Cloud & AI, improving O&M efficiency by 35%. It also has resource management based on IoT and AI, which improve resource usage 20% and increase rental revenue.

Committed to providing customers with one-stop data center services, Huawei has focused on the investment and research of data center infrastructure for many years, and continuously integrates innovative technologies into product cycles and serves customers digital, networked, and intelligent data center facility. Specifically for colocation customers and partners, the Next Generation Data Center Facility-FusionDC will help them achieve the best lifecycle management to maximize total value of ownership in the future.

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