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Huawei Wins the Frost & Sullivan 2019 Global Video Surveillance Camera New Product Innovation Award

[Shenzhen, China, March 14, 2019] Huawei announced it has received Frost & Sullivan's 2019 Global Video Surveillance Camera New Product Innovation Award for its Software-Defined Camera (SDC). Huawei is recognized for its breakthrough innovation in surveillance cameras and remarkable contributions to the intelligent security industry.

Rolled out in 2018, the SDCs break the technical limit of traditional cameras with their core features: on-demand customization, layered intelligence, and continuous evolution. The software-defined features endow cameras with increased capabilities that allow cameras to evolve in accordance with the needs of customers and the industry. Artificial intelligence (AI) can be widely applied to the cameras as well as the entire camera network. In addition, a new Operations and Management (O&M) system is provided to ensure that algorithms are repeatable, devices are detectable, and networks are manageable.

In this ever-changing AI era, Huawei has made a strategic investment in SDC as a flagship product to deliver the first decoupled and open-ended camera system in the industry. The SDC consists of three core components: SDC OS, SDC Studio, and SDC Controller. SDC is equipped with industry-leading AI chips that boast powerful computing capabilities for more intelligent, flexible, open, and efficient cameras. The SDC provides a new direction for the entire industry, as well as advanced service experiences for customers and partners. These include:

  • SDC OS is a universal operating system that provides a new platform for software and algorithms so that they have flexibility when resources are allocated and algorithms are deployed.
  • SDC Studio is an integration development environment that enhances system openness and enables the fast integration of partners' algorithms and applications.
  • SDC Controller is an O&M management system that visualizes network, algorithm, and device O&M and ensures video service continuity in the case of algorithm rollout.

"Huawei's SDC ecosystem stands out from the majority of solutions currently deployed that need legacy offline requirements to be updated. Taking cameras offline for updates adds considerable latency to the process whereas Huawei's smart cameras are self-aware and adapt to scenarios, such as changing environmental conditions and gestures," said Mukul Krishna, Global Head of the Digital Media Practice at Frost & Sullivan. "The company's software-defined capabilities enable it to future-proof its camera ecosystem and greatly lower the total cost of ownership (TCO), as its single camera system is applicable to a variety of application use-cases."

Adhering to an idea of "openness, cooperation, and mutual benefits", Huawei has committed to building a healthy and smart industrial ecosystem and working with partners to provide optimal products and solutions that meet customer requirements.

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