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Situated north-east of the Portuguese capital Lisbon, Câmara Municipal de Vila Franca de Xira (CMVFX) is a municipality serving a diverse population of around 137,000 people. It currently offers residents a limited range of simple web-based services but has aspirations to expand these and take advantage of the many opportunities the internet has to offer in improving services and reducing costs. At the same time it makes full use of its IT infrastructure to manage the workflow of the myriad of documents its day-to-day activities generate.


By 2014 it was becoming clear that this growing reliance on its network was beginning to become a problem. Clemente Rocha, CIO, CMVFX explains: “80 per cent of our internal documents are now handled electronically. This, coupled with an increasing use of our ERP and web-based services, was starting to have a noticeable effect on speed and efficiency.”

With a network that had grown in a piecemeal way, this presented CMVFX with a major problem. Comprising 25 servers and associated storage systems from a range of vendors, its options for expansion were severely limited. The only way forward was to look for a supplier that could provide a complete replacement solution and would enable it to create its own private cloud.

The municipality turned to its trusted IT partner Thales Portugal for an answer. Clement Rocha continues: “We looked at three systems from leading manufacturers. Our requirement was simple. The solution had to be powerful and flexible enough to support our growing IT environment. Although cost was obviously also important, it was not the main driver behind our decision.”


After an exhaustive assessment, Huawei stood out as offering the balance between performance, quality and price CMVFX was looking for. At the heart of the solution is Huawei’s FusionServer configured to host the municipality’s VM Ware application. It offers a lar ge capacity, flexible resource expansion, and high computing performance and is an ideal choice for Internet, Big Data, cloud computing, telecom services, and key enterprise applications.

Huawei’s OceanStor 5300 provides all the necessary storage. It’s a mid-range system built on a cloud-oriented architecture and is specifically designed for enterprise-class applications. Huawei cloud switches provide the vital connections to CMVFX’s network.

Installation of the new network was finished by Thales’ engineers within two days. Migration of all applications and users then followed and was completed within one week.

António Jesus, Account Manager, Thales explains:
“The installation for CMVFX was trouble-free. Our engineers are fully trained in all aspects of Huawei technology and we know that Huawei are always there to help 24/7if needed. The only issue we had concerned the integration of the VM Ware, but Huawei were able to provide a patch very quickly due to the strong relationship it enjoys with the software manufacturer.”


Although CMVFX’s previous experience with IT has not always been good, the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the Huawei solution have really helped to change this. Immediate improvements were noticed by users of the CMVFX network from the start. Everyday tasks can now be completed much more quickly bringing about a significant improvement in productivity and efficiency. With a constant pressure on budgets and the ongoing drive to do more with less, the upgraded network has had a major and beneficial impact on the way the municipality functions.

“The ability to add new features by simply purchasing additional licenses has really made a difference, as has being able to increase capacity just by adding more discs rather than buying additional systems,” continues Clemente Rocha. Looking to the future, CMVFX is now well-placed to enhance the level and type of online services it offers, moving into the more complex fields of construction, planning and economic activity.

Clemente Rocha concludes: “So far our new Huawei network has exceeded our expectations. Its more than delivering the performance improvements we need to expand our services.”

About Huawei Enterprise Business Group

Huawei Enterprise Business Group (“Huawei Enterprise”) is one of the three business groups of Huawei, a leading global Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions provider. Leveraging Huawei’s strong R&D capabilities and comprehensive technical expertise, Huawei Enterprise provides a wide range of highly effi cient customer-centric ICT solutions and services to global vertical industry and enterprise customers across government and public sector, fi nance, transportation, electric power, energy, commercial businesses, and ISPs. Huawei Enterprise’s innovative and leading solutions cover network infrastructure, Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C), cloud computing & data centre, enterprise information security, and industry application solutions.

For more information, please visit: e.huawei.com/uk

About Thales Portugal

Experts in critical infrastructure, Thales originally established itself in the Portuguese domestic market as the leader for integrated transport solutions, equipping more than 1,200 kilometres of the national railway network. Today, with 400 people it’s recognised as key technology partner, providing its customers with advanced solutions and helping to transform cities and countries and the quality of life of all citizens.

For more information, please visit: thalesgroup.com/en/portugal

About Câmara Municipal de Vila Franca de Xira

Situated north-east of the Portuguese capital Lisbon, Câmara Municipal de Vila Franca de Xira is a municipality serving a population of around 137,000 people.

For more information, please visit: cm-vfxira.pt

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