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Exertis gives its business a boost with a new wireless network

04/05/2017 00:00:00


With a thirty year heritage behind it, IT distributor Exertis has built a business that has made it one of Europe’s largest and fastest growing technology distribution and specialist service providers. Based at various locations across the UK, Exertis prides itself on having a very customer-focused culture and with an annual revenue of £1.88 billion in 2016, it has big ambitions for the future.

It was against this backdrop of continuing rapid growth that the company decided, in 2016, to relocate its commercial departments, including sales, marketing, purchasing and the technical teams to new premises in Basingstoke.

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As an IT distributor, Exertis was well placed to kit the new building out with the latest technology. High on its list of priorities was to install a robust wireless network capable of supporting high levels of concurrent usage throughout the day. Gareth Bray, Head of Commercial for Enterprise at Exertis explains:

“We are primarily a telesales organisation with a lot of people who need to connect multiple devices to thenetwork. We needed a wireless product that can support hundreds using the network at the same time, so it was important to select a reliable and robust product that is able to cope with ever increasing demands and extremely high device density.”

The company’s new offices are housed in a large building spread over three floors. Aside from the 300 staff working there every day, there is a constant stream of vendors hot- desking and customers visiting, all of whom need to be able to get online easily to do their jobs.

With in-depth knowledge of what was available in the market, Exertis started the task of selecting a solution that would best meet its needs.


Exertis was quick to recognise Huawei’s solution as the one that really stood out.

“Right from the start of the evaluation, it was clear that Huawei really wanted our business. It carried out a full in-person survey, ‘heat-mapping’ the building and providing us with comprehensive recommendations on what we needed. The solution it offered was far superior in terms of through-put and concurrent connections,” continues Gareth Bray.

“And what really hit the ‘sweet spot’ for us is that with Huawei you get truly enterprise - level equipment at a price point that is competitive and a cost evaluation that is just off the charts.”

The wireless solution offered by Huawei uses its AC6605 wireless access controller to support 86 Access points (APs), spread around the building. Designed for medium to large enterprises and school campuses, the high-performance of the AC6605, combined with its good scalability, gave Exertis considerable flexibility in the design of its network.

As a Huawei services provider, Exertis was able to carry out the installation of the new network itself. Huawei technicians were on site at all times to help and provide guidance where needed, resulting in a trouble-free implementation and a useful transfer of knowledge for the Exertis technical team.


With several months of experience under its belt, Exertis is extremely pleased with its purchase and has not suffered a single problem. The power the solution offers has been particularly evident when running training courses. Typically, these can involve up to 40 people in one room, all using devices attached to a single access point at the same time. Although this is a scenario that could easily bring a wireless network to a halt, the company has not experienced any detrimental effects at all.

“It’s now been working for 14 months and in that time the network has stood up to all challenges without dropping connections or impacting speed,” adds Gareth Bray.

As a company with very strong people values, one particular benefit the new network brings is the the capacity to provide its staff with their own network, allowing it to offer an extra incentive when attracting new recruits. For the business, it means happier staff and less interruption to workflow, both of which ultimately translates into improved output. It also means Exertis enhances its image by allowing it to offer a first class experience to its vendors and customers.

Gareth Bray concludes: “Our experience of Huawei has been extremely positive. Its products are uniformly excellent, robust and reliable and they offer great value for money. As an IT distributor, I have no doubt that they will become an increasingly important part of our business. And as a customer, we are already working with them on an exciting and innovative wireless solution for our distribution centre in Burnley Bridge.”

About Huawei Enterprise Business Group

Huawei Enterprise Business Group (“Huawei Enterprise”) is one of the three business groups of Huawei, a leading global Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions provider.

Leveraging Huawei’s strong R&D capabilities and comprehensive technical expertise, Huawei Enterprise provides a wide range of highly efficient customer-centric ICT solutions and services to global vertical industry and enterprise customers across government and public sector, finance, transportation, electric power, energy, commercial businesses, and ISPs. Huawei Enterprise’s innovative and leading solutions cover network infrastructure, Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC), cloud computing and data center, enterprise information security, and industry application solutions.

For more information, please visit: e.huawei.com/uk

About Exertis

Exertis is one of Europe’s largest and fastest growing technology distribution and specialist service providers. It partners with 360 global technology brands and over 28,850 resellers and retailers across Europe. The company’s scale, knowledge and experience in the technology sector and complete end-to-end product portfolio, enables it to deliver innovative solutions and market leading services for its partners, across Supply Chain Services, Sales & Distribution, Marketing, PR and Digital services.

For more information, please visit: exertis.com

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