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Huawei Case Study: Italia online

21/07/2015 00:00:00

"We have an ever growing workload and needed a technology refresh to help meet the demand. We were also looking to reduce our cost / performance ratio and to improve the reliability of our systems."

Mauro Binda,
Vice President Information Technology, Italiaonline


Italiaonline is a major player in the Italian Internet Service Provider sector and Italy's fist and largest internet company with signifiant recognised brands in its portfolio. It is Italy's third largest web market player after Google and Facebook, and its various online offers gain a massive 6.3 billion page impressions per month. It manages 11 million email accounts.

Italiaonline has a crucial role to play in keeping people connected and informed. Technology infrastructure problems are never part of the ideal day to day experience for any company. For Italiaonline, as a company with online communications at its core, any form of outage or even slowdown is simply unacceptable.

Before working with Huawei the Italiaonline data centre was based around a mix of equipment including servers from IBM, Hewlett Packard and Dell. Company growth and a desire to streamline the IT infrastructure lead Italiaonline to Huawei.

Key Challenge

Italiaonline is a company with ambitions. It has grown signifiantly in recent times and has a large range of brands in its portfolio. As the largest Italian digital group it has a strong reputation to uphold. As Italiaonline continues to grow it needs a reliable technology infrastructure that is scalable in a cost effiient way.




Internet Service Provider

Huawei Solution

Huawei Tecal RH2288 V2 and Tecal RH1288 V2 rack servers

Business Needs

  • Improved performance
  • Cost savings
  • Energy effiiency
  • Scalable solution


  • Improved CPU throughput
  • Increase of ten percent on server power
  • Better energy effiiency
  • Good customer service
  • Highly reliable
  • Good value for money

When it started looking for new servers to support its email relay system and provide email to millions of accounts, Italiaonline needed to match the three extremely important criteria of cost, performance and reliability as well as allowing for all-important growth potential.


Italiaonline was impressed with Huawei's market position in the networking and telecommunications sectors . With a global presence in these sectors Huawei provides back end platforms and services to top tier telecommunications network providers, and its reputation in this fild is strong and solid. In addition Huawei's proven expertise across the enterprise, cloud and consumer sectors was well known to Italiaonline.

To gain a fist deployment of equipment with Italiaonline, Huawei still had to convince both the technical and the fiancial sides of the business that its server products were best in class. It achieved this, and Italiaonline selected a mix of Huawei Tecal RH2288 V2 and Tecal RH1288 V2 rack servers. These were designed to support email relay and to replace technology from a different provider.

"At Italiaonline there were two different parts of the business involved in making the decision to buy Huawei equipment for the fist time – the technical people and the fiancial people. As the provider of this equipment we were asked for a lot of technical information about the product as well as having to prove it was good value for money. We did both, and Huawei was chosen on the grounds of both performance and price."

Luca Gotti,
Manager, Di.gi. International

End-User Benefis

Italiaonline has derived signifiant benefis from the new Huawei equipment and saw immediate benefis in terms of Improved CPU capability. The Huawei servers are faster and more effiient than the equipment they replaced, by a signifiant margin. The old equipment could accommodate fewer servers per rack, and so had less storage capacity and less processing power available. Huawei's servers have enabled Italiaonline to put ten percent more server power in the same space.

Energy and cost savings were also apparent. The Huawei servers are highly energy effiient, and this has resulted in longer term cost savings over time. Coupled with competitive pricing at the time of purchase this has made Huawei a very cost effiient choice.

Italiaonline was also impressed with the quality of Huawei's customer service before, during and after the installation.

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