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    Building Trust with IAM and Huawei Horizon Digital Platform

Cutting-edge technologies like 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) are no longer distant fantasies — they are here. Their arrival signifies that an intelligent world, where everything is connected, sensing, and intelligent is now a real possibility. To adapt, organizations face the daunting task of digital transformation, which must be tailored to their industry, domain, and business scenarios. Deciding how transformation strategies are deployed to improve competitiveness has become the defining challenge that could determine the very future of these organizations.

To facilitate the digital transformation journey, Huawei’s Horizon Digital Platform integrates leading ICT technologies to enable business collaboration and agile innovation. Huawei, with this intelligent, open platform that is flexible, secure and easy-to-use, aims to build a foundation for the digital world that connects businesses from different industries with platform partners like Bamboocloud. Their IAM, as a core component of the Horizon Digital Platform, is dedicated to eliminating information silos and establishing extensive connections to ensure the secure sharing of data.

IAM Elevates the Core Capabilities of Huawei Horizon Digital Platform

IAM is a fundamental security platform for ICT construction, serving as an information carrier that interconnects various personnel, equipment, and resources. It incorporates different organizational resources — such as departments, personnel, processes, and data — into a shared intelligent digital ecosystem. Indeed, IAM is an essential ingredient for digital transformation by supporting an organization’s information security and risk management.

Bamboocloud, as Huawei’s strategic global partner in IAM development, has integrated an IAM platform into the Horizon Digital Platform — serving as a core capability for industries such as Intelligent City, Intelligent Campus, and Police Cloud. The IAM platform has provided real-world success, with deployments in multiple projects.

With people at the core, the IAM platform serves as a unified source for personnel, organization, and permission data. The platform is packed with features, such as AI integrated identification, rights and domain management, intelligent risk detection and control, and compliance audit, to enable all-round digital identity management. User identity data from various channels can be aggregated, managed, and shared to create digital identity profiles. In addition, a digital identity behavior track system can provide public services with comprehensive, proactive, and precise management capabilities.

IAM Enables Intelligent Operations for Shenzhen Airport

The first phase of the ‘Airport of the Future’ project for Shenzhen Airport involved the infrastructure layer, basic/application platform layer, and service application layer. During this period, the project focused on the construction of ICT infrastructure (network, data center, and communications), foundational platforms (cloud, big data, IoT, and online video analysis), as well as applications. Tying everything together, the digital platform integrated messages, services, data, and IAM for airport platforms and applications, to effectively integrate and reform airport services. Meanwhile, the operation efficiency, security, and service quality of the airport also improved significantly.

A basic IAM platform was deployed in the first phase, and initially used by airport employees to improve user experience and processing efficiency. It integrated 43 application systems, covering six sub-projects — such as cloud computing, unified communications, wireless, security, and industry platform. In the second phase, next-generation authentication and authorization will be deployed, featuring intelligent risk control, and compliance audit, providing end-to-end security assurance for the intelligent operations of Shenzhen Airport.

Thanks to the comprehensive identity management capability of the IAM platform, airport employees can enjoy the benefits of One-ID management. By eliminating information silos, unified access and Single Sign-On (SSO) are available on a host of applications, vastly simplifying the login process while also improving security. Moreover, rights and domain management allow IDs to be automatically assigned to users based on their positions and roles. Various authorization modes are also supported, such as manual authorization by administrators, role-based batch authorization, and automatic authorization based on user attributes.

Reshaping the Industry Landscape as Strategic Partners

From both a technical and market perspective, the strategic cooperation between Huawei and Bamboocloud is mutually beneficial. Huawei has an open, flexible, and secure ICT infrastructure platform that offers ‘device-pipe-cloud’ synergy, which is widely applied in fields such as public security, intelligent transportation, and campus security. Meanwhile, Bamboocloud has vast experience in the IAM field, leading the industry in terms of technology, expertise, customer success cases, and brand recognition. With equal dedication to building a prosperous industry ecosystem, the partnership is a natural fit for both parties.

Based on Huawei’s extensive experience in digital transformation, the Horizon Digital Platform is designed to be a scenario-oriented full-stack comprehensive solution. The versatile IAM system built on the platform serves multiple purposes, such as intelligent security, convenient access, facility management, and office administration. By working closely together, Huawei and Bamboocloud ensure continuous optimization and update of core capabilities and solutions, maximizing business value for customers.

Huawei Horizon Digital Platform is the engine that drives digital transformation for various industries, providing continuous support for organizational transformation. To support that goal, Bamboocloud’s IAM provides the Horizon Digital Platform with high-quality data by analyzing behavioral models developed from identity data. The two companies strive to produce fruitful results and lead the ICT industry to a new direction through cooperation.

IAM has been growing rapidly around the world, but has only recently been embraced by Chinese customers. With high customer stickiness, IAM is a platform-type identity management system that ensures security for all connections. Being people-centric, it enables intelligent connections and management of various types of applications, while eliminating information silos. Huawei and Bamboocloud are both committed to developing standards for the identity management industry in multiple fields, such as Intelligent City, cloud security, and IoT security — with the aim of creating a trusted digital identity management to support both organizational business and security.