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    ASL Collaborates with Huawei to Facilitate Industry Digital Transformation

Automated Systems Holdings Limited (ASL) has been established for over 40 years in Hong Kong, China, and has been listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange for more than two decades. ASL mainly provides industry solutions, intelligent cybersecurity services, and one-stop IT integrated managed services. ASL has been cooperating with Huawei since 2011. The partnership started off with two parties implementing projects for the education sector. The nine-year partnership has been going strong since then; their current strategic projects span multiple industries, with sales revenue increasing year on year.

Cooperation Successfully Expands the Hong Kong Market

Huawei is determined to increase its market penetration rate and provide both innovative ICT technologies and comprehensive resources. Meanwhile, with the capabilities in technology, integration, and services, ASL offers services ranging from pre-sales to post-sales, through utilizing its seven R&D centers, 1,000+ high-quality professionals, and over 40 years of industry experience. Together with Huawei, ASL provides customers with innovative, industry-specific, one-stop ICT solutions, and thus achieve synergy and win-win outcomes.

  • Enabling Medical and Healthcare Organizations to Provide Next-Generation Non-invasive Services

Medical institutions have been increasing their demands for modern medical technologies, which raises the requirements for next-generation information systems. However, most of the ICT systems purchased usually fall short of the customers’ expectations. As data grows, the gap between ICT product performance and service requirements widens. In addition, medical institutions often could not comprehensively deploy ICT systems, due to the limitations brought by technological capabilities, like the difficulties faced when carrying out Proof of Concept (PoC).

ASL and Huawei have gained trust from customers among the Hong Kong medical sector. For example, one of the Hong Kong medical institutions wanted to develop a highly accurate, low-risk and non-invasive prenatal DNA test, which has demanding server and storage requirements. By leveraging its strong systems integration capabilities and Huawei’s advanced storage technologies, ASL provided this customer with a one-stop High Performance Computing (HPC) solution. In order to enable the customer to conduct some tests that are closer to actual applicable scenarios through the R&D center, Huawei assigned onsite engineers to provide prompt and professional suggestions based on their extensive experience. Huawei’s R&D center in Hangzhou also provided immense support for the project, which has greatly increased customer confidence in the implementation of the new system. After many stringent pre-sales technical performance tests, Huawei’s technologies have been proven to have a significant advantage over other competitors in terms of speed during massive storage operations. The medical institution therefore chose ASL and Huawei as its suppliers. Finally, the Huawei HPC solution helped the customer overcome the technical limitations that they had faced for several years. After one year of operation, the system has proven that Huawei’s HPC solution not only met the customer’s expectation in terms of service quality, but also helped the customer continuously develop its business and improve their prenatal service quality.

  • Facilitating Digital Transformation in Educational Institutions

Hong Kong’s higher educational institutions are taking the lead across Asia. These schools require digital transformation driven by the latest ICT to improve educational quality and address the increasing pressure stemmed from the large amounts of teaching contents. However, a university campus is usually large in area, creating obstacles for the technological implementations. This is made more challenging by the widespread use of mobile devices, such as cellphones and laptops, in university students’ lives and learning activities. Many universities have to first solve technical problems such as slow network speed and poor signal reception, under which teaching optimization is impossible. A university with long-standing history in Hong Kong faced similar problems, after which ASL and Huawei upgraded the entire campus network to provide a highly scalable, 100 GB high-speed backbone network. Over 1,000 access points were installed. The next-generation wireless network technology now covers the whole campus, enabling the university to provide a convenient and fast online platform that greatly improves students’ digital experience accelerating the campus’ digital transformation.

  • Outstanding Strengths Recognized by Huawei

ASL is not only one of Huawei’s highest-level partners, but also one of the few highest-level service providers recognized by Huawei. Since cooperation, Huawei has presented various awards to ASL, including The Outstanding Contribution Partner award, The Best Service award, and The Best Seller award. Moreover, the ASL technical support team participated in the fourth Huawei Southern-East Asia Partner Skills Competition, which was held in Thailand. Because of their excellent storage solution design and implementation capabilities, the team won first place, demonstrating their outstanding delivery and professional service capabilities in the Asia-Pacific region.

Integrating New Technologies to Explore More Possibilities in the Future

More and more enterprises are undergoing digital transformation. Acting as a bridge between customers and vendors, ASL will work more closely with Huawei to jointly seize the business opportunities arising from the Belt and Road Initiative and the development of the Greater Bay Area. Meanwhile, ASL and Huawei will also develop industrial and sectoral markets, such as government and public affairs, finance, transportation, medical and healthcare, and education. Both parties will develop annual goals and promotion plans to enhance their market advantages in different industries.

As well as expanding the scope of cooperation, promoting the successful implementation of Huawei’s star products and new technologies is also an important strategy for ASL to expand the market. Similar successful cases are increasing in numbers, for example: The successful design and application of Wi-Fi 6 used in educational and government organizations, the successful deployment of Huawei’s All-Flash Storage solution in the financial industry, and the support to operators for their implementation of Huawei’s FusionCloud cloud computing solution. “Huawei has recently released a powerful chip.

They are adapting their business development strategy to the cloud and AI era. In terms of ecosystem strategy, they also launched more novel incentive policies for partners. We are impressed by Huawei’s strategies,” said ASL CEO Leon Wang. “As an industry application provider, ASL’s cooperation scope with Huawei has expanded from hardware products to cloud computing and AI products. We have to think about how to interconnect Huawei’s leading ICT technologies and products with our customers’ application scenarios to form a closed ecosystem. This might be the biggest growth and momentum for our future partnership with Huawei. We hope to create more industry applications by utilizing Huawei’s advanced products and technologies, resulting in bringing higher business value to customers.”

【Customer Testimonials】

“As an industry application provider, we have to think about how to interconnect Huawei’s leading ICT technologies and products with our customer’s application scenarios to form a closed ecosystem. This might be the biggest growth and momentum for our future partnership with Huawei. We hope to create more industry applications by utilizing Huawei’s advanced products and technologies, resulting in bringing higher business value to customers.”

— Leon Wang, CEO of ASL