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    Fertile Soil for Cultivating the Digital Platform Ecosystem

To date, 228 enterprises on the Fortune Global 500 list, including 58 of the Fortune Global 100, have chosen Huawei as their digital transformation partner. These enterprises appreciate Huawei’s ‘Platform + Ecosystem’ strategy, which is driving industrial digital transformation.

Huawei’s digital solutions are converged, intelligent, and inheritable. It integrates and connects new Information and Communications Technology (ICT), such as big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), converged communications, video, and Geographical Information Systems (GISs) across devices, networks, and the cloud. The ecosystem embodies Huawei’s concepts of openness, collaboration, and shared success. Dedicated to constructing a Costa Rican-style ecosystem, Huawei creates a favorable environment based on its digital solutions to boost partners’ business growth and help them achieve digital transformation.

Solid Digital Foundation and ‘Fertile Soil’ for Ecosystem Cultivation

Huawei not only offers a solid digital solution, but also provides soft, fertile soil for the ecosystem. This figurative ‘soil’ is similar to the literal soil of the Earth, which constitutes the loose surface of the lithosphere and supports the survival of terrestrial plants and animals.

Based on the cloud, Huawei’s digital solutions enable business collaboration and agile innovation for its customers by building a foundation for the digital world that integrates ICT platforms with various types of data. Digital transformation cannot be completed with any single technology. Clouds depend on the large amount of data generated by devices; and clouds and devices are best connected through ubiquitous networks. Therefore, pervasive intelligence can only be achieved by coordinating the IoT, big data, video, converged communications, security, GIS, AI, and other new ICT. That’s where Huawei’s strongest capabilities, which are as solid as the Earth’s lithosphere, come into play.

Huawei’s digital solutions are open and collaborative, featuring co-construction and sharing for mutual benefits. Huawei has invested heavily in a cooperative ecosystem to develop the soft, ‘fertile soil’ needed to construct an open digital ecosystem. In doing so, Huawei aims to expand the industry market space and to form a community of common interests for a mutually beneficial coexistence.

Policy Support and Regulation

Currently, Huawei has a digital platform and fertile soil to grow the ecosystem. The next step is to improve the ‘soil’ and regulate partner operations. Huawei conducts technical training, experience sharing, and joint solution launch activities with partners. More importantly, it invests intensively in cultivating the ecosystem to develop, promote, and sell joint solutions with partners, which will expand the market space and bring shared success.

In 2019, the development fund, marketing fund, and partner management modules are appearing in the Huawei Enterprise business partner policies. This supports and regulates solution partners in scenarios such as joint solution development, joint marketing, implementation, and partner selection for projects.

  • Development fund

Incentives are granted to solution partners who have invested heavily in key business fields to support joint solution development. This fund encourages solution partners to continue long-term cooperation when they have worked with Huawei for many years, but have yet to see a return on investment.

  • Marketing fund

This fund is offered to solution partners to increase investment in the joint marketing of developed solutions. It will help partners promote solutions to customers, extend solution influence, acquire project leads, and facilitate solution deployment.

  • Partner management

A hierarchical partner resource pool is built to provide reliable solutions for customers and to ensure solution delivery. This approach will regulate solution partner selection and project changes; create a fair, competitive environment; and protect partner rights and interests. In this way, Huawei and partners can deliver high-quality, reliable, and transparent solutions to customers.

Development and marketing funds help fertilize the soil. By regulating partner management, we can protect partners’ initial investments, prevent soil degradation, support partners, and serve customers — thus building a robust ecosystem.

A Solid Platform for Partners to Thrive

After Huawei released its ‘Platform + Ecosystem’ strategy, iSoftStone partnered with Huawei in multiple business fields. The two parties complement each other, developing solutions with differentiated competitiveness to rapidly respond to various digital needs and offer scenario-specific solutions and services. Huawei provides a data foundation, connection tools, and an ecosystem via technological innovation so that iSoftStone is able to focus on customer needs and core services, significantly improving its efficiency.

In November 2018, software giant iSoftStone and Huawei unveiled an Intelligent Operation Center (IOC) Solution for the Smart Campus, based on Huawei’s digital solutions. This lightweight, scalable solution covers a variety of scenarios and integrates the Application Building Cloud (ABC) for page orchestration, service orchestration, twin assets, and core assets; plus the Relationship, Open, Multi-Ecosystem, and Any-Connect (ROMA) for APIs, FDI, and MQS capabilities of Huawei’s enablement platform. It offers multiple Smart Campus applications, such as comprehensive situation displays, smart security management, personnel management, vehicle management, and asset management.

In the joint solution, ROMA connects to southbound devices and systems. As a result, development at the application layer does not need to worry about southbound protocol types or data types. The solution unifies access standards, simplifies application integration, and enables cloud-pipe-device synergy. It provides a one-stop digital technology platform with full connection, video cloud, location, AI, and integrated communications services, which facilitates application building. The display layer and application layer use the ABC development mode and provide Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) and service orchestration capabilities.

With Huawei’s digital solutions, application integration and service orchestration become more convenient and efficient. A large number of components and specialized assets are embedded into the platform. Component-based development facilitates asset accumulation and greatly shortens the delivery time, increasing project development efficiency by 40 percent. The joint solution has been successfully deployed in multiple projects, such as the Linyi Economic Development Zone, the Myanmar Shwedagon Pagoda, and a Smart Campus in Shandong Province. iSoftStone continues to flourish and thrive using the Huawei digital ecosystem platform.