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Huawei and Nantian Build Core Banking Solutions

By Liu Wei, General Manager, Shanghai Development Center, Nantian Electronics Information Co., Ltd.

Nantian Electronics Information Company is one of China’s leading application developers in the financial services industry. With years of experience, Nantian brings deep insight in meeting customer requirements when building banking applications. During Huawei Connect 2017, Huawei and Nantian announced a collaboration that features the release of a new core banking services solution that uses the power of the KunLun Mission Critical Server. The industry response in the months following the public debut points to a popular and successful product lifecycle.

In early 2016, Nantian began to work with Huawei and the KunLun Mission Critical Server. Together, we established the Co-Innovation OpenLab in Huawei’s Hangzhou Research Center. In this project, Nantian and Huawei successfully migrated a Nantian core banking service system written for the UNIX operating system to Huawei’s open-source KunLun architecture. This in-depth synergy has succeeded in building a holistic solution that empowers financial services customers with more ease and confidence for their digital transformations.

Throughout the collaboration process, Nantian has made intensive optimizations to align with the underlying framework of Huawei hardware products more closely. The result is the production of a deeply integrated solution that brings the features and benefits of the KunLun Mission Critical Server into full play. We believe the solution enables a lineup of superb service offerings for customers across the finance industry.

Among the unique features included in the Huawei KunLun Mission Critical Server is the Proactive Failure Analysis Engine (PFAE) that, when combined with Nantian’s software expertise, will generate fault alarms based on the automatic screening for failed nodes and the relocation of active workloads onto normally functioning nodes. Most importantly, throughout the fault recovery process, the core banking system remains up and running with no disturbance perceived by the bank’s customers. This is an ideal example of the reliability and stability of a mission-critical server.

Huawei has a wealth of technologies in regards to server stability and reliability. Nantian looks to constantly advance its partnership with Huawei, and we hope to combine our software and hardware strength into future comprehensive solutions that will serve greater numbers of customers.

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