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KunLun Seminar Paves Way for Digital Transformation

Huawei’s legacy of relentless innovation and helping industry customers brace for digital transformation continues with the KunLun Mission Critical Server.

On November 24, 2017, a KunLun-focused seminar ‘Paving the Way to Digital Transformation’ took place in Hangzhou, China. Customers and partners from many sectors, including government, finance, transportation, education, and manufacturing gathered at the InterContinental Hangzhou Hotel to discuss how to best leverage KunLun to help customers accomplish digital transformation.

KunLun has been engineered and built for customers’ mission-critical applications. It is based on the x86 ecosystem, and features high performance, rock-solid reliability, and openness. KunLun offers 4 to 32 CPUs for customers’ core applications, and serves as a scale-up computing platform with up to 32 TB of memory. These features and capabilities help to guide customers smoothly through digital transformation.

Since its release less than two years ago, KunLun is now widely deployed and well regarded by customers across industries worldwide. The more customers learn about and select the KunLun Mission Critical Server, the more they are finding themselves on a fast and stable path through their digital transformation.

  •   Speeches from Executives

At 9:00 a.m., the seminar began. Dong Libin, Vice President, Data Center Marketing and Solution Sales Department, Huawei Enterprise Business Group, gave the opening speech. He detailed the challenges that confront customers in the digital transformation process and Huawei’s solution to address these challenges: the KunLun Mission Critical Server.

  •   Keynote Speech: ‘KunLun Mission Critical Server, Ultimate Reliability with No RISC’

Zhang Dixuan, Director, Huawei Server Solution Development Department, delivered the keynote speech. He introduced the features of the KunLun product and solutions, including the UNIX-to-x86 migration solution with high fault tolerance, the in-memory computing solution, the dedicated cloud solution for mission-critical applications, and the service consolidation solution. Zhang also gave a roundup of customers’ successful practices with KunLun, and shared Huawei’s prospective R&D plan for KunLun.

  •   Keynote Speech: ‘Embrace New Financial Technologies with an Open Architecture’

Hu Xueyong, Vice Director, Data Center Division, Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC), introduced PSBC’s experience with IT architecture, and the tactics for architectural transformation, as well as a real-world application of KunLun in PSBC’s service systems.

  •   Keynote Speech: ‘Guangdong Rural Credit Union Deploys Front-end Database Cloud’

Du Shaohua, Huawei Server Solution Architect, shared details about the Guangdong Rural Credit Union success story. He elaborated on the challenges facing the credit union’s integrated front-end business system, and how KunLun helped the customer successfully migrate core services to a cloud based on Oracle’s 12c multi-tenant technology. Du also introduced the OpenStack-based KunLun cloud database solution.

  •   Keynote Speech: ‘Success Story — Henan Traffic Police Corps 6-in-1 System Data Consolidation’

Lu Dong, manager of the 6-in-1 system database consolidation project for the Henan Traffic Police Corps, shared the success story of how KunLun helped the customer. Lu introduced the project background and further described device selection, data consolidation based on KunLun, and KunLun performance after deployment.

  •   Keynote Speech: ‘KunLun SAP HANA Best Practice Service Platform’

Guo Lei, Chief Architect, SAP Big Data Platform Business Group, described how the 12 TB KunLun SAP HANA now supports the ERP system for the Heilan Home men’s clothing brand, including reducing the time needed to generate general warehouse reports from over 10 hours to minutes or less while boosting operational efficiency.

  •   Keynote Speech: HGST Senior Advisor

Ye Fujun, Senior Technical Advisor, HGST (a Western Digital brand), delivered a talk about ‘Addressing Mission-Critical Storage Workloads and Requirements.’

  •   Join Forces for Greater Success

At the end of the seminar, company representatives came to the stage to toast for more joint efforts and ever-greater future success.

  •   A Tour of the Global Computing OpenLab in the Hangzhou Research Center

Following the morning KunLun seminar, customers visited the Huawei ‘Global Computing OpenLab’ at the Hangzhou Research Center. Cheng Longfei and Chen Ben, senior engineers from the KunLun server R&D department, demonstrated the server to guests by giving a live demonstration of the KunLun CPU and memory hot-swap features.

After the afternoon KunLun demonstration, Huawei R&D engineers introduced their guests to KunLun application solutions in various industries, including finance, social security, medical care, and public security. Other products highlighted in the demonstrations included Huawei NVMe SSD disks, the SAP HANA appliance, E9000 blade server, and X6800 high-density server.

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