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Huawei’s Software-Defined Cameras Enable Intelligent Surveillance

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What Is a Software-Defined Camera?

Cameras controlled by software systems, known as software-defined cameras (SDCs), are becoming increasingly popular in the security industry. To meet the industry’s ever-changing needs, cameras are evolving to incorporate features such as multi-dimensional data integration and artificial intelligence.

Huawei’s software-defined cameras can be applied in a wide variety of security scenarios such as facial recognition checkpoints, situation awareness, vehicle checkpoints, and Intelligent Transportation Surveillance (ITS). They support the continuous development and evolution of algorithms and applications. The open-ended platform provided by SDCs enables AI to be applied in more security scenarios.

New Potential for Cameras

On-Demand Adaption

Software-Defined Cameras New algorithms are integrated online so that one camera can be used for multiple purposes, which maximizes ROI.


Traditional Cameras Algorithms are bound to hardware, with separate cameras for each purpose, which results in wasted expenditure.

Layered Intelligence

Software-Defined Cameras Enable capability sharing: One smart camera connects to multiple standard cameras, making them intelligent.


Traditional Cameras Single-camera intelligence has restricted capability and low efficiency

Continuous Evolution

Software-Defined Cameras Online algorithm upgrades, AI-enabled self-learning, can be operated even while upgrading


Traditional Cameras Manual firmware upgrades on site, high reconstruction costs, and slow rollout

Improved Camera Performance

See Faster Ascend + AI = Improved Computing Power

AI chips and Neural Processing Units (NPUs), unique feature tracing and comparison algorithms, ultra-high-density face capture (100 face images captured per frame)

Face capture capability
Huawei Industry


30 images/frame
See With More Clarity HD + AI = Scene Adaptation

The industry’s largest 4/3 CMOS sensor + Huawei-developed ISP image processing engine, ultra-long visual range, ultra-wide angle, and have 50% better photosensitivity capabilities than traditional Charge Coupled Device (CCD) cameras

Low-light recognition rate
Huawei Industry


See With More Precision Detection and Capture + AI = Optimal Snapshots

Face capture: Data structuring by associating face and person data, face image evaluation and filtering algorithms, face-tracking algorithms.
License plate capture: Algorithms for motion deblurring and license plate image enhancement

Face capture repetition rate
Huawei Industry


License plate recognition rate
Huawei Industry


See With More Efficiency Networking + AI = Network-Wide Synergy

Innovative: The software-defined camera performs its own intelligent analysis tasks and connects to nearby standard HD cameras through ONVIF to implement face capture, pedestrian attribute recognition, license plate recognition, and other intelligent analysis functions, which lowers customer investment and improves the HD cameras' computing power three-fold.

Network-wide effectiveness
Huawei Industry


Full Series of Huawei Software-Defined Cameras

Face Checkpoint

Data Structuring Cameras
  • The industry’s first face and person data structuring camera that supports simultaneous capture of up to 100 objects and recognition of 12 facial and personal attributes

  • Dynamic face capture rate is above 97 percent; face capture repetition rate is 8 percent or under

  • Face library with up to 100,000 face records, built-in 32 GB eMMC (high-performance local solid-state storage)

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Facial recognition at campus entrances/exits and key building entrances/exits

Vehicle Checkpoint

Vehicle Checkpoint
  • Supports license plate recognition for vehicles moving at speeds up to 80 km/h on roads with 2 to 4 lanes.

  • Supports recognition of 3,000+ vehicle models, 10+ vehicle types, 11 vehicle colors, and model year.

  • Built-in GPS and time calibration modules

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Vehicle capture at road checkpoints and campus entrances/exits

Omni-Data Structuring

Omni-Data Structuring Cameras
  • The industry's first omni-data structuring camera that supports data structuring of motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles, and pedestrians, and concurrent operation of multiple algorithms

  • Simultaneous snapshots of 50+ objects

  • T-shot intelligent snapshot engine, ensuring targeted image optimization

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Integrated ITS Cameras
  • The industry's first motorized zoom ITS camera with a built-in illuminator, wiper, surge arrester, and lens

  • Dual data backup: industrial-grade flash memory, 4G gateway backup link

  • Capturing faces in moving vehicles at speeds up to 200 km/h at night; detects seat belt and hands-free device infractions

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Integrated ITS cameras installed at road checkpoints and road intersections

Situation Awareness

All-Scenario Situation Awareness Cameras
  • Adaptive to varied light conditions, weather conditions, and motions to optimize image quality in all scenarios

  • Supports both situation awareness and crowd density detection; supports tilted installation; crowd density detection rate is above 90%

  • Excellent 4K performance in low-light conditions, optical defogging, self-cleaning coating, IP66-rated waterproofing

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High-altitude surveillance, city/campus situation awareness, crowd density detection in complex scenes