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PowerCube 500 Integrated Video Site, Facilitating Intelligent Video Surveillance

[Qingdao, China, March 27, 2018] At Huawei's China Eco-Partner Conference held in Qingdao, Huawei's PowerCube 500 integrated video site solution is showcased at the Safe City, Smart Transportation Exhibition and Forum, attracting customers and partners from various industries, such as security, transportation, and campus construction.

Video cloud is the most important application of safe city and smart transportation. Video data collection needs to be based on video sites in all corners. How to solve the problem of fast service deployment, reliable backhaul, and efficient O&M is the focus of the industry. To address customers' pain points, Huawei provides a leading integrated video site solution for the industry. This solution effectively solves the problems faced by video surveillance in the last mile. 

  • Integrates the power supply and network, supports mains and solar power access, and supports wired and wireless backhaul. This solution is applicable to various scenarios and meets various site requirements
  • High reliability with high protection level IP65 (waterproof and dustproof), integrated surge protection, and anti-salt spray corrosion
  • Wide temperature tolerance from -40℃ to 55℃
  • Easy deployment. Service is on without extra configurationMaintenance on mobile APP and remote centralized network management system

In the Smart Video Surveillance Forum, industry customers shared the experience of exploring the construction and application of highway video surveillance sites and pointed out that "road video surveillance has always been the focus of intelligent traffic management." The traditional deployment mode requires high costs, long project duration while difficult to maintain. The solution provided by Huawei is fast in site deployment. Microwave transmission is used in places where optical fibers are not available. It is deployed on the side of roads and is not restricted by the terrain. The O&M is simple, which helps complete the construction of video surveillance sites in a short time. It is an effective solution for video sites in traffic channels, important intersections, and remote areas.

Based on the rich experience in power supply, network, and deep understanding of the industry, Huawei has built an integrated video site solution PowerCube 500 with leading competitive advantages. This solution enables video surveillance to cover all scenarios and meets social requirements for video sites: all-area coverage, all-time available, and all-process controllable. With the continuous increase of video surveillance deployment, Safe City and smart transportation will be further upgraded, and citizens will get a safer living environment. We hope that we can continue to work with our partners to build more efficient ICT infrastructure in the industry.

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