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ManageOne Cloud Management Platform

Agile Operation, Simplified O&M


  • Agile Operation

    Connects to cloud services, such as Elastic Cloud Server (ECS), Bare Metal Server (BMS), Elastic Volume Service (EVS), and Object Storage Service (OBS), while providing a consistent user experience, and decoupling cloud services and operations.

    Provides various operations and flexible resource allocation. Supports multi-user self-service management, reducing operation costs.

    Provides a cross-region VDC, allowing enterprises to use the resources of different physical DCs from the same VDC and access the nearest physical DCs, improving network rate and reliability.

  • Simplified O&M

    Provides a unified O&M platform to centrally manage various resources, such as physical servers, network devices, storage devices, and virtual resources.

    Provides highly efficient maintenance methods to improve troubleshooting efficiency. Reports are automatically generated and sent by email so that maintenance personnel can identify and resolve any problems in a timely manner.

    Provides advanced analysis tools to predict and detect faults. Capacity Management forecasts resource capacities based on historical capacity metrics. This aids administrators in performing resource capacity planning and expansion on time.

Solution Architecture

As a leading global cloud computing DC O&M management platform, ManageOne is committed to providing users with unified cloud services and a consistent O&M experience.

  • As the solution’s unified operation management platform, ManageOne ServiceCenter centrally manages cloud services across regions. The solution’s multi-level VDC design enables flexible allocation of quotas and resources. In addition, users are assigned different functional roles to simplify applications for cloud services and enable quick approval of these applications. ServiceCenter improves the agility and efficiency of service operations.
    As the unified O&M management platform, ManageOne OperationCenter can monitor and safeguard network-wide devices. OperationCenter also processes functions such as multi-dimensional alarm analysis and intelligent capacity prediction. OperationCenter improves O&M efficiency while reducing costs.