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Huawei OSN Devices Protect World Expo

05.08.2013 14:55:00


The Shanghai 2010 World Expo was the first world expo held in China, and also one of the largest world’s expositions ever staged. It also was the most heavily attended of any such events up to that point.

To ensure that the expo would run smoothly, the Shanghai Police Bureau (SPB) planned to reconstruct its Emergency Command System (ECC) to improve the promptness of its emergency response. The ECC is a core service system that carries audio, video, and data information. As a result, it requires stable, efficient, and intelligent transport products. SPB hoped to construct a dedicated emergency command system to provide a foundation for future network development.


SPB decided to develop a Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) transport network to meet the requirements of live networks, future networks, and service expansion. SDH networks feature multiple-service, multiple-interface, large-bandwidth access. The bureau also chose an intelligent architecture design but, at the same time, it faced the following challenges:

  • How to ensure device, network, and service reliability
  • Although fiber resources at the backbone layer of its existing network were quite sufficient, fiber resources at the aggregation and access layers were limited
  • How to optimize all fiber resources to enhance service scheduling efficiency
  • Personnel faced enormous workload and time constraints as the date for the World Expo approached


Huawei answered the bureau’s concerns with a secure, efficient Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON). The ASON used Huawei’s industry-leading, mainstream Optical Switching and Networking (OSN) series transport devices equipped with future-proof network technologies. These included:

  • Huawei OSN 7500 devices at the core layer, OSN 3500s at the aggregation layer, OSN 2500/1500/500 devices at the access layer
  • OSN series devices that support ASON and Multiple-Service Transmission Platform (MSTP) technologies. The devices provide fast service access and end-to-end intelligent scheduling and management.
  • Huawei OSN products that have passed rigorous tests conducted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), the top three carriers in China, and top carriers outside China

Other components could be configured to guarantee reliability and redundancy:

  • All keyboards, including the main control board, cross-connection board, clock board, and power board support 1+1 hot backup
  • All 2 Mbit/s services were configured with 1:N Tributary Protection Switching (TPS). Huawei’s proprietary SubNetwork Connection Protection (SNCP) and silver-level protection technologies were both used to protect services at the aggregation layer. These protective measures ensured network, device, and service security and optimized the SPB’s existing fiber resources.
  • Huawei OSN devices had multiple slots and interfaces that enhanced the redundancy of the Network Management System (NMS) by more than 40 percent

Huawei organized a project implementation and after-sales service team to ensure efficient project management. The team included supply chain management personnel, project supervisors, service managers, R&D contact personnel, and market co-ordination personnel.


  • SPB upgraded its emergency command system with a highly secure and reliable fiber-optic platform
  • Huawei OSN devices enabled the SPB to expand system capacity at zero cost, and satisfied future capacity expansion for five to eight years
  • Customized ASON project implementation solution ensured quick, lossless, and easy service cutovers

Huawei’s ASON transport platform was completed on time and ensured that the World Expo succeeded. As a result, the Shanghai Police Bureau, the first national police organization to construct an ASON emergency command system, set a positive example for the entire public security sector.

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