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Whitestar Dumps Data Loss, Speeds Expansion

07.09.2016 00:00:00


Whitestar manages performing, sub-performing, and non-performing loans on behalf of blue chip clients and is the only Portuguese vehicle approved and supervised by the Portuguese Securities Market Commission.

Assets under management increased from 600 million euros in 2009 to 2.9 billion euros by July 2015, and it is expected to close the current year at 5 billion euros.

Continuously seeking diversification of its service portfolio, Whitestar’s activities span corporate advisory, restructuring, and real estate services. Additionally, the company offers complete services, which include advisory, securitization management, and other administrative services.

By the end of 2015, Lisbon and Porto are each expected to have 500 employees, cementing Whitestar as the largest service provider in Portugal and the only one-stop shop able to offer complete and integrated credit service accounts to all investors and originators.


  • Unable to ensure stable and secure operations of IT service systems: Whitestar, an asset-management company, found any disruption to IT systems unacceptable, which might incur heavy financial loss.
  • Insufficient guarantees of service continuity: Zero data loss and service interruption even in the event of a device or data center failure were essential.
  • Limited infrastructure expansion: To accomplish their goals, the company needed to expand in Portugal and even across all of Western Europe.


Disaster Recovery Data Center Solution (geo-redundant mode)
  • Active-active data centers in Lisbon provide simultaneous services. Data between the two data centers is synchronized in real time. If one data center fails, the other data center automatically takes over services with no manual intervention.
  • If a disaster occurs and affects both active-active data centers in Lisbon, the remote disaster recovery data center in Porto takes over services, ensuring that applications remain up and running.

Huawei Disaster Redundancy Solution in Whitestar Portugal 
  • Cloud computing management platform solution
  • Workload-based architecture with flexible scalability, able to handle concurrent transaction outbursts
  • Highly expandable architecture, allowing customers to add computing and storage resources at any time


Enhanced service continuity
  • Active-active data centers in Lisbon ensure zero data loss and 24/7 continuity.
  • Remote disaster recovery prevents service data loss, even in the event of a disaster in both data centers in Lisbon.

Rapid service expansion
  • Provides superior services for SMEs in Portugal, and the ability to handle over a 10-fold business increase in business in the future
  • Strengthens market presence in Portugal and increasing influence in the Western Europe region
  • According to Whitestar Chief Investment Officer Joao Ferreira Marques, “[Our business] has very high growth. Everything related to IT, including IT infrastructure systems, is crucial for us. It’s fundamental that we have a partner that will allow us to grow consistently, safely, and securely. Huawei is a company that we trust and hope can be our partner for the future and help us grow the business even further.”
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