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UK Broadband Provides Perfect Broadband Trunking Applications

04.08.2015 00:00:00

UK Broadband is the U.K.‘s largest commercial holder of national radio spectrum suitable for 4G mobile services and fixed wireless solutions. It mainly provides data capacity, equipment, and services to the public sector.

This data-only business operation without voice services puts a cap on its further growth, although the U.K. government plans to promote LTE technology in its emergency communication network. At the same time, enterprise customers ranging from airports to harbors to railway sectors are expecting their networks to support voice and Big Data services.

In February 2014, UK Broadband, in collaboration with Huawei, piloted an eLTE broadband trunking network in the center of London to provide coverage in the 3 sq. km financial area. With this network, UK Broadband provides perfect broadband trunking applications, with network performance far exceeding its competitors. Since the pilot network was put into use, numerous visitors from sectors like government, police, and municipal administration came to experience the network services and left satisfied.

With the success of London as a starting point, UK Broadband plans to provide eLTE coverage across the U.K. in collaboration with Huawei.

Voice of Customers

UK Broadband released an eLTE video on its official website with comparison test results, and included the following remarks:

Using a Huawei "embedded" network solution rather than An Over The Top (OTT) one, providing a greater level of functionality than can be achieved with OTT. We believe our service is the only one which provides the security and functionality of the current TETRA solution that our emergency services users value today, together with the added benefits that LTE 4G technology can bring such as video calling and advanced data services.

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