Intelligence+ has become a key factor driving industrial upgrade in diverse sectors. Huawei keeps up with the trend by reshaping the security industry with software-defined cameras as the pioneer. Huawei state-of-the-art software-defined cameras support continuous evolution and development of algorithms and applications, enabling more rigorous AI-based intelligent analysis in a wider variety of security scenarios.

The webinar also discusses how the software-defined technology revitalizes the camera industry, with special presentations from KO CHING WEN, Chief Technology Officer of Huawei Intelligent Video & Data Analytics, and Michael MacDonald, Chief Digital Officer of Huawei Southeast Asia.


  • Topic

    Camera industry development

    The camera industry has stepped into the intelligent era and evolves from single-functional cameras to multi-functional intelligent cameras that support on-demand application switchover. Such intelligent cameras with a "brand-new brain" help minimize customers' engineering workload and achieve the optimal price-performance ratio in the industry.Join us in the Webinar to discuss how to write a new chapter for the intelligent security industry

  • Topic

    What is a software-defined camera and what are the application scenarios?

    What is a software-defined camera? How do software-defined cameras evolve from single-data-source processing to multi-dimensional data integration, or from labor-intensive management to AI? In this topic, we explore the new software-defined cameras requirements for the ever-changing applications and scenarios

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    Unique technologies and business values of Huawei software-defined cameras

    Huawei software-defined cameras integrate cutting-edge technologies such as AI-assisted vision, multi-dimensional awareness, and network-wide synergy, and support continuous evolution and development of algorithms and applications. New, beautiful, and designed for the modern age, these cameras offer a brand-new security experience.


  • Michael MacDonald

    Chief Digital Officer of Huawei Southeast Asia

    Mike is a 20 year ICT veteran working across carrier, enterprise and consumer business groups with a focus on technology leadership, industry trends, and customer insight. He has been with Huawei for 7 years and currently operates as Huawei’s Executive Consultant.
    Mike has previously held several CXO roles including CEO of a global SaaS and IoT startup, Chief Solution Officer at a leading Cisco/Nortel Solutions Integrator, and Chief Technical Officer at Nortel Asia.
  • Ko Ching Wen (Kurt)

    CTO, Intelligent Video and Data Analytics Dept. EBG Huawei

    Kurt is an 18 year Physical Security Expert who had helped design for CCTV and Access Control System projects with over 10,000 cameras and card readers in many highly secured facilities and organizations in China. He joined Huawei’s Intelligent Video and Data Analytics Department last year to contribute his knowledge and experiences for Huawei’s key projects around world. Kurt has previously held both technical and business development director role in a leading security solution integrator.

Improves Camera Performance

See Faster Ascend + AI = Improved Computing Power
Face capture capability
Huawei Industry


30 images/frame
See With More Clarity HD + AI = Scene Adaptation
Low-light recognition rate
Huawei Industry


See With More Precision Detection and Capture + AI = Optimal Snapshots
Face capture repetition rate
Huawei Industry


License plate recognition rate
Huawei Industry


See With More Efficiency Networking + AI = Network-Wide Synergy
Network-wide effectiveness
Huawei Industry


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