Desktop cloud, has taken a solid step forward as our company's cloud computing starting point. We are now planning to promote an experimental cloud model in Dongfeng Experimental Primary School and Zhang Wan Hospital. After the desktop cloud, we are also planning to construct a large data center to provide enterprise cloud services to group companies on the desktop cloud's infrastructure. In the future, our company will rely on IDC cloud so that we can continue walking the cloud road!

Zhang ZhiqiangDongfeng Communications Director

Customer Introduction

Dongfeng Communications Technology Company Ltd. is Dongfeng Motors subsidiary company. It's predecessor, the second car manufacturing plant's telecommunications department, was established in 1969. The company is located in the south of the Qingling mountains, on the shore of the Han River, at the source end of the South to North Water Diversion Project, under the world cultural heritage of Wudang Mountains, home of the famous Taoist temple, in Shiyan city, Hubei province. After almost forty years of development, it has already become a widely known enterprise communications private network in China that has a switching capacity of 150,000 gates, over 100,000 fixed users, over 20,000 Internet users, and connects close to 300 companies' wide range of services. It is playing a larger role in Dongfeng Group's informatization construction.

In recent years, the traditional network business has been dominated by operators. Therefore, Dongfeng Communications urgently needs to transform their business to address Dongfeng Group's status quo. Inside Dongfeng Group, the subsidiary networks were not interconnected at the time and subsidiaries had to manage themselves, build their own information system and office work system. Each company had its own closed office work network, making it difficult for personnel on business trips to connect to it. For the entire group company, system maintenance efficiency was not high. They also lacked an integrated O&M method.


  • Each subsidiary set up independent information systems and office work systems.

    They lack integrated O&M: Dongfeng Group's over 20 subsidiaries set up independent information systems and office work systems. Each company has a closed office work network which is not interconnected with the others, and they all have to manage themselves. For the entire group company, system maintenance efficiency is relatively low. They also lack an integrated O&M method.

  • Many application scenarios, PCs are widely distributed, and many information security leaks.

    Dongfeng Group has tens of thousands of workers, there are many application scenarios, OA services, call center agents, service center agents, and other different office work scenarios, making daily maintenance problematic and creating information security risks. The group's Dongfeng Research Institute is constantly struggling to find a solution.


  • Tailored desktop cloud solution:

    A desktop cloud is deployment at service stations and call centers to implement a pilot OA for Donfgeng Communications, constructing an integrated cloud data center to achieve integrated management of services. Huawei fully takes into play its advantages in multi-scenario solutions to create a cloud platform that provides desktop cloud applications for Dongfeng. It supports every scenario's E2E solution using an integrated and centralized management platform and display+multiple TC modes in office terminals. Achieving support for multiple application scenarios under one desktop cloud project.

  • Delivering a one-stop solution:

    Huawei desktop cloud solution is mature and widely used in China and internationally, specially in China's three major telecom operators and key industries. It has accumulated abundant deployment and O&M experience that without a doubt coincides with the essence of Dongfeng Communications private network operators. Huawei has over 30 local service branches across China, which provide the local delivery and maintenance professional services. This assists enterprises with many branches such as Dongfeng achieve the fast construction of desktop cloud, achieving IT service agility and increasing efficiency.

Customer Benefits

  • Integrated support for multiple scenarios, greatly improving O&M efficiency:

    Multiple application scenarios integrated platform, centralized O&M, change traditional O&M models, greatly increasing problem response and solution speed. At the same time, it increases customer satisfaction.

  • E2E security implementation, satisfying research institutes and other organizations' security requirements:

    E2E data separation, all of the users' data is centrally stored in the data center and then goes through terminal access authentication, encryption, transmission, and other security mechanisms, fully guaranteeing Dongfeng Research Institute and other organizations' information security requirements.

  • Uses cloud computing technology, exploring a service transformation road:

    Dongfeng Communications internal pilot desktop deployment is Dongfeng Communications' first step in their "cloud strategy". Using cloud computing technology as a road to transformation points the direction of development for the next ten years.

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