New South Wales is Australia’s most populous state, and has the highest level of industrialization and urbanization in the nation. It is one of the most active economic sectors in the Asia-Pacific region, providing more than 35 percent of the total products and services in Australia. Sydney, New South Wales’ state capital, is one of the world’s most livable cities.

Professional Data Kinetics Pty Ltd. (PDK IT) is a well-known local ICT equipment and information service provider in New South Wales. Since opening its doors in 2012, PDK IT has been providing exceptional service, helping its customers deploy and manage desktop cloud technology, unified communications, networks, and servers. It also provides voice, video, and conference services for enterprises. PDK IT continues to be one of the fastest growing IT companies in the Riverina region.

The economic landscape is changing rapidly. Recent digital transformation trends are ongoing, and enterprises have embarked on transformative, long-term development plans. PDK IT understands that, under the current circumstances, equipment resale cannot boost enterprise profits; failure to quickly respond to changing business requirements will make it impossible to establish long-term relationships with customers; and market dominance is impossible without key technical advantages, all of which will eventually lead to stagnating growth. With this in mind, PDK IT has undergone a transformation to enrich its businesses and lead the shift from product resale to service sales.

Huawei EC6.X Helps PDK IT Upgrade Enterprise Communications Services

Enterprise communication infrastructure is necessary. However, it is costly for a Small and Medium-sized Business (SMB) to build its own data centers and purchase communications equipment, which also generate a large amount of maintenance work. In addition, as the business develops it will need to upgrade the equipment, which will undoubtedly affect internal and external communications efficiency.

Enterprise customers and stakeholders are asking the following questions: How can we reduce costs and improve communication efficiency? How can we quickly build communication capabilities that align with business development? How can we improve employee work-flow experiences?

PDK utilizes Huawei’s EC6.X full-service platform to address these issues and provide high-quality enterprise communication services for customers through a rental model, instead of selling a traditional solution in full.

  • High reliability

    Network-side, Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) resource pools implement load balancing, backup and disaster recovery, and access to nearby resources, which improves resource utilization and reliability.

  • Converged communications

    Audio/video conferencing and collaboration services can be flexibly added to the communications solution, which enables further evolution to meet future demands.

  • Multiple backup mechanisms

    The MCU (including its control board, service board, fan, network port, and microprocessor) and video terminals support a 1+1 hot backup.

  • Network adaptability

    High-definition video is provided at a low bandwidth, with superb packet-loss-concealment capabilities (against a 20 percent packet-loss rate).

  • Unified address books

    Available hierarchical address books match an enterprise’s organizational structure.

  • One-stop services

    Based on Huawei’s Enterprise Communications (EC) platform, PDK IT provides all the required communication services (HD video conferencing, voice calling, mobile office, and collaboration) for itself and SMB customers.

  • Reduced costs for customers

    PDK IT provides cloud communication services for SMB customers. Renting instead of buying eliminates the need for customers to build their own data centers, purchase communications devices, or establish large O&M teams. Instead, customers only need to ensure basic network access requirements for services to be available anytime, anywhere.

  • Flexible deployment and efficient O&M

    PDK IT bundles services by category so SMB customers can flexibly select and purchase services on demand and use the latest technologies at any time to improve communication experiences.

  • Lowered ISP business transformation investment thresholds

    Initial service deployment licenses are flexible and based on business development conditions.

PDK IT has successfully provided cloud enterprise communication solutions for many well-known enterprises since deploying Huawei’s one-stop EC platform. For example, PDK IT delivered a solution for a large headhunter in Australia within a short period to ensure continuous business without interruption. The solution was designed with a deep understanding for the customer’s requirements, and PDK IT is now recognized for its dependable technical capabilities and high-quality services.

PDK IT allows customers to enjoy high-quality communication services at lower costs, promotes economical and efficient business development, and improves efficiency and productivity by providing new voice, video, and conference systems.

PDK IT aims to supply innovative technologies and personalized solutions to enterprises, and is committed to providing high-quality cloud enterprise communication services for its customers. PDK IT has always actively responded to customer requirements during the service process to deliver better customer experiences, improve customer communications efficiency, and help customers achieve their business goals.

PDK IT and Huawei have been working together to provide high-quality products and services for customers since establishing a partnership in 2015. Huawei is now a Gold Partner with PDK IT, and the companies will continue to cooperatively provide high-quality and intelligent cloud enterprise communication services.

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