Hello and welcome to the Huawei Global Training Center.
The Huawei Global Training Center is in Hangzhou, near the Qiantang River. It provides ICT talent development consulting, ICT training, industry talent development, and digital leadership training services for customers and high-end talent in more than 170 countries and regions worldwide.
The campus is 132,000 square meters, the size of approximately 20 football fields. It has labs for seven product lines, including core networks, wireless, transmission, datacom, access, energy, and IT, which cover a total area of 32,630 square meters. It can accommodate about 2000 trainees per day, and offer courses on the latest cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, big data, cloud, IoT, and AI.
The overall building structure of the Global Training Center draws on the steel vault architectural style of GUM in Moscow's Red Square. There is a classic architectural arcade in the center surrounded by a courtyard, which boosts a contemporary elegant and stylish design.
We have four main buildings at the campus: T1 (staff building), T2 (training base), T3 (teaching building), and T4 (dining hall).
We are now at the lobby of T3. The building is 68,000 square meters, with three floors and 143 training classrooms, which can hold more than 2200 people for training.