According to data insight provider GlobalData, the global cloud ecosystem is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 25.3%, reaching US$720 billion in 2022. Critical to such growth, Data Center Interconnect (DCI) serves as the key infrastructure connecting data centers.

With data centers no longer isolated from each other, DCI connects two or more centers so that their data can be reliably and efficiently transmitted. Initially, DCI mainly provides point-to-point connectivity for large centralized data centers, but with huge traffic growth, data center connectivity will quickly expand to the edge of the network.

DCI network owners therefore potentially face big challenges, including a high volume of traffic, unstable connectivity, limited fiber resources, inefficient deployment, and complex Operations and Maintenance (O&M).

Together with Dr. Christopher Janz and Mrs. Hui He (Hebe), we will explore how to enhance data center connectivity in this webinar.

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  • Part 1

    Global cloud ecosystem trends and the evolution of Data Center Interconnect (DCI).

  • Part 2

    Analyzing DCI challenges.

  • Part 3

    How can we tackle DCI challenges collaboratively? What are the latest innovative technologies and success cases?

  • Part 4

    Online interactive demo show of our DCI flagship product, Huawei OptiXtrans DC908

About the speaker

  • Dr. Christopher Janz

    Dr. Christopher Janz is the Technical VP and Director of Huawei Canada’s Optical Systems Competency Center in Ottawa. He has 25 years of industry experience in optical networking in areas ranging from optical components to transmission systems and software. 

  • Mrs. Hui He (Hebe)

    Hui He is the Communications Specialist of Huawei Transmission and Access Network Product Line. She has been working in Huawei since 2005 and has a great understanding of network technologies, especially transmission network technologies.

Features of Intelligent Data Center Interconnect

  • Ultra-Broadband, High Integration

    Smooth single-fiber evolution, from 100G to 88T, and flexible configuration of 100G to 800G per wavelength, which are sufficient for the next 10 years.

  • Simple to Deploy

    Deploy from scratch in eight minutes with automatic one-click deployment, eliminating the need for optical-layer fiber connection, configuration, and commissioning.

  • Intelligent O&M

    AI ready and proactive O&M for fiber fault prediction and quick and accurate troubleshooting.

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