Huawei CloudCampus Solution opens up APIs to technical partners. Based on Huawei's world-wide technical experts and OpenLabs, this solution provides technical support for technical partners to develop business solutions for customers in various industries. Huawei assists technical partners in promoting these business solutions to the market and achieving business success.
As Huawei's technical partner,
you will:
Obtain the permission to use and manage
the cloud-based SaaS platform,
which improves service interconnection and rollout efficiency by 40%.
Improve the competitiveness of the CloudCampus Solution
based on Huawei's technical strength.
Obtain more business opportunities
and make more profits.

Partner Testimonials

Huawei, cooperating with Cloud4Wi,
releases the Cloud-based Commercial
Wi-Fi Solution and expands the Wi-Fi market.

Cloud4Wi —— an industry-leading Wi-Fi services platform provider

Cloud4Wi is dedicated to helping large retail chains and shopping centers acquire business value from Wi-Fi networks.
It now serves 55 million users in more than 80 countries and 15,000 sites around the world.

Our Partners

Hangzhou Century Co., Ltd. is a China-based leading provider of digital retail and smart healthcare solutions. It is dedicated to providing competitive solutions for customers in the retail and healthcare industries. The electronic shelf label (ESL) solution that it develops jointly with Huawei eliminates maintenance costs of printed labels for shopping malls and supermarkets, and helps enterprises reduce TCO by 50%.
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Enjoyor is a leading high-tech innovation enterprise in China, which provides industry-leading intelligent urban transportation, healthcare IT development, and intelligent building solutions. The smart healthcare solution that it develops jointly with Huawei provides real-time medical operations and medical asset locating.
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Splunk is an industry-leading Big Data analytics solution provider based in San Francisco, London, and Hong Kong. Cooperating with Huawei, it has developed a cloud-based Big Data analytics solution that can provide user, device, and security event management and analysis for enterprises, governments, and educational institutes to improve network management efficiency. This solution also provides visualized Big Data analytics for shopping malls and supermarkets to obtain mobile terminal location information and click-through rates (CTRs) of hot products in real time, so that they can implement precision marketing.
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XJGREAT Corporation, headquartered in Beijing, is a leading provider of educational IT application solutions in China. It focuses on Big Data analytics and student information management in the education industry.
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ForeScout Technologies Inc. is a US-based industry-leading security product provider, which focuses on the enterprise, government, and financial industries. It releases the CloudCampus NAC Solution jointly with Huawei.
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