Fast deployment and simple management

Reduces OPEX by 80%

20+ industry applications

30+ partners

Wi-Fi & IoT convergence on one network

To reduce OPEX, you need a cloud managed solution

Based on cloud technologies, Huawei CloudCampus Solution resolves issues faced by traditional networks and reduces enterprise OPEX. The solution opens up northbound interfaces for seamless integration with third parties to provide optimal service experience and abundant VASs. Learn More

To achieve digital transformation
you need the CloudCampus solution for different industry scenarios

More Connected Data and Innovative Marketing Models Attract More Customers
Huawei CloudCampus Solution for the retail industry enables fast network deployment for stores to reduce network OPEX. The open and Big Data analytics capabilities based on the cloud platform help retail enterprises achieve higher profits. Learn More


Primary Education

Higher Education

To achieve all Wi-Fi, you need solutions for any scenarios

Dense rooms

Agile Distributed Wi-Fi Solution

  • Exceptional performance
  • Three-layer distributed architecture improves wireless performance

  • Simplified management
  • RUs are plug-and-play, reducing management nodes by 90%+

  • Optimal coverage
  • RUs are placed indoors to provide signal coverage without holes

    Crowded locations

    High-Density Wi-Fi Solution

  • Specially tailored
  • Tailored products meet specific service scenarios

  • High performance
  • Directional coverage mitigates interference and improves performance

  • Easy planning
  • Professional tools enable highly efficient and accurate network planning

    IoT convergence

    IoT Wi-Fi Convergence Solution

  • Co-site
  • Converged deployment of IoT and Wi-Fi networks

  • Co-backhaul
  • IoT and Wi-Fi data transmitted over one network

  • Easy expansion
  • Support for multiple protocols (Bluetooth, RFID, and ZigBee)

    To fully unlock the value of campus networks, you need these products


    Fast deployment, secure and reliable

    easy O&M, and agile innovation


    All-scenario, customized

    Wi-Fi & IoT integration


    Agile Switch

    Learn More


    Simplified Gigabit Ethernet Switch

    Learn More


    Standard Gigabit Ethernet Switch

    Learn More

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