2019 has seen the first large scale commercial use of Wi-Fi 6 products. Wireless access will become the main method that devices employ to connect to the network. Cloud-native, real-time office and intelligent commercial applications will require ultra-fast low-latency wireless network connectivity. This poses a new challenge to enterprise wired networks and campus networks. Enterprise CIOs and ITMs will then require more advanced network management and maintenance tools and newer, more versatile campus switches that can monitor network experience, deliver automatic service provisioning, and ensure service quality. A new era is coming: Digital services will enable extensive IT infrastructure in public clouds, private clouds, and global branches. On June 28, 2019, Huawei will launch its new upgraded Wi-Fi 6, cloud-native CloudCampus solution, incorporating a new series of products. These products and solutions are designed to be simpler, smarter and more open. They will fit well in enterprise networks, requiring less time to manage and bringing a new network experience through digital services.



  • 16:00
    The Vision of Next-Generation Campus Network
  • Campus Networks for the Wi-Fi 6 Era
  • Demonstrations for Automation and AI-Ops
  • 17:15
    Panel: Campus Network Speed Increases for the Enterprise Digital Business


  • Kitty Fok

    Managing Director, IDC China
  • Dr. P.T. Ho

    Director of IT Services of The University of Hong Kong
  • Mike Ma

    Vice President of Campus Network Domain, Huawei Data Communication Product Line
  • Jiabao Wang

    The director of network support center, Quality, Business Process & IT Mgmt Dept
  • Han Lyu

    Solution Architect, Huawei Data Communication Solution Sales Dept

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